Prime Time: My Adventure with AllFreeSewing (Prime Publishing)

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“We would love to fly you out to Chicago and film a few videos.”

It’s funny how one sentence that seems really far fetched at the time and come to reality.
This year has been a great year for my blog. I’m trying new things, I’m expanding and some fun and new opportunities are coming my way.

Fun account of her trip plus links to an awesome sewing series for beginners!Of course the immediate thing I have in my head was that, it’s impossible for me to make a trip, after all my first (and full time job) is being a mom. While it’s the most rewarding job on the planet – we seldom get vacation days. Would I be able to come up with enough content, would I like filming in another space, would they even like me?

When I told my husband about the proposed trip his response was ” Go for it, we’ll figure out how to make it work.” Yeah, I married an awesome guy. A few emails and months later, I was on a plane to Chicago to film 14 videos at Prime’s offices.

Simone, Prime Publishing’s Chief Content Officer picked me up from the airport. “It’s not to far to our offices.” As we drove down the highway. “We’re having lunch with Stuart.” I recognized the name, Stuart is the owner behind Prime Publishing. While I look forward to meeting him, I immediately regret my choice of Yoga pants and flip flops for travel, I’d been up since 4 am and dressed for comfort. Not the greatest first impression for a guy who’s investing his money in your abilities. Oh well, I vow to wear a maxi skirt next time. Simone and I chat as we drove to the offices in Northbrooke. Truth is I like chatting with Simone, since I spent part of my childhood in a town called Lake Geneva (about an hour away) we have a lot in common.

IMG_3058We arrive at Prime’s offices – which is full to the brim. “We have a lot of summer interns right now – so we look bigger than we are” explains Simone. I found out later that they PAY their interns, which is brownie points in my book.

I get a meet Stuart. He’s a nice middle aged guy, who is very sweet to me from the get go. I also get to meet Tom, who’s over video for Prime  and the editor who is over Fave Crafts, their flagship site. We have a pleasant lunch where I get to know the crew a little better and find out how Prime Publishing got started. Stuart bought a few websites, which included content and built it up from there. I got to tell how I got started and how one of Prime Publishing’s website, was one of my first major traffic sources. They are also the reason why I started a YouTube channel.

After lunch Tom, Simone and I get to work figuring out where we want to place the camera and how we want to shoot the sewing segments. Simone pulls out a couple of beautiful Bernina machines, and we decide that I’ll work with the Bernina 330 – because honestly it looked cooler. Tom tells me I should take the machine to my hotel to practice with it tonight (well if you insist) and settle in my hotel. I take sometime to go over the machine and then crash (4am wake up time, if you recall).

The set where we filmed.

I sleep soundly until my phone rudely wakes me up at 5:15 to exercise, which I ignore until 6. I haul my booty out of bed to exercise and to get ready for the day. Simone picks me up and we head to the office.

Day one of filming, we’re about to get started with the most difficult videos when we realize that we cannot find pins… anywhere! Simone heads out for pins while Tom and I try to figure out what we can shoot with the machine without them. Fortunately we figure out there are several videos we can shoot, so we crank those out and Simone returns with the pins.

Tom editing away some of the other videos for Prime.

Tom and I continue to work. He’s a nice, patient guy that’s easy to work with. I confess it’s nice just to think about what I’m saying and not worry about the audio, lighting and framing. Actually It’s really nice…if only I could afford a crew, but I’m too cheap to hire someone when I KNOW I can do it myself.
I get to have lunch with the editors of All Free Sewing (Annie Rosean) , Fave quilts, and Seams and Scissors (Kaylee Pope).

After talking to the camera all day, towards the end I am starting to feel tongue tied. I’m relieved when it’s time to call it a day. Tom offers to let me take the sewing machine back to the hotel with me, but I know that a good sewing machine is like a puppy, you keep playing with it and you’re going to want to keep it. I decline taking the machine back with me.

IMG_3066After watching a couple of episodes the the Real Housewives and feeling vindicated in my choice of not having cable in our house, I answer a few emails and go to sleep.

Up exercise, pack. Last day to finish up all our videos. We crank out the remaining videos, with time to spare! Sweet! Lunch with more wonderful workers at Prime Publishing.  I get to hang out in Simone’s office and chat a little while we answer emails and work.  I don’t envy Simone’s email box – it’ is always full.  I learn her personal per peeve is when after answering or resolving an issue someone writes back a email with just “Thank You” adding to her inbox.  When you get over 80 emails in a day that all require a response  – I can see how that’s annoying.

Simone, me and Tom at Prime Publishing’s offices.

When it’s time to head out the door Simone promises me that “next Time” (sweet – they’re will be a next time!) we can do a few more things around the city and meet a few people.

I fly home happy tired and ready to go back to my regular job.  But I have to say as far as vacations go it was a good one.  After all taking a break from being a mommy to be a TV (or at least YouTube) star is pretty fun. 🙂

My “Learn to Sew”series is up on YouTube right now!  You can also (during the month of September) enter for a chance to win a Bernina 215!

Here are the posts where you can find my series:

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I’ve put together a YouTube Play list with all the videos – You can check that out here.


  1. That is wonderful – I’m very envious. I love to make videos too but to have a proper set, lighting, a film crew and someone to edit afterwards – heaven! It’s so much more difficult when you have to try to film yourself. Your videos are looking great Angel, congratulations.

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