Seeing Stars Pillow

You can make a star shaped pillow with this free pattern and video tutorial.

You can make a great looking star shaped pillow that adds color and style to a room and takes minutes to make.
For the Pillow
1/2 t0 2/3 yard fleece (you could really use several different kinds of fabric for this pillow)
stuffing (batting for fill)
1 package of cording (optional)
button (optional)
needle and thread
Sewing Essentials (pins, scissors, etc.)
Sewing Machine

Download the Pattern Here, tutorial below:

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the picture of the pattern envelope to download the .pdf !

Video tutorial here, written directions below:

Seeing Stars Pillow Tutorial

1 – Cut out the pattern


Print up the pattern (you can get assembly instructions here . Cut out 2 of each of the pattern  pattern piece.

In addition to the pattern you will need to cut a 3.5 by 78 inch long strip (you will need to sew a couple pieces together for the large star.  A 3.5 by 64 strip for the medium pillow and 3.5 by 48 for the small).


2 – Begin to sew


If you are adding cording pin and sew it around the star ( I like to sew the cording by itself with a zipper foot).  Then with right sides together pin the long strip all the way around and sew on using a .5 seam allowance (.25 if using cording).

Sew the ends of the strip together.  Then sew around the star.
Tip: while you can sew one continuous line around the star – I recommend sewing from point to point rather than trying to turn at the top of each point.  So basically you will sew 6 lines instead on long continuous one.


3- Pin and sew back of the star


With right sides together pin the back of the star onto the pillow – but this time be sure to leave a 3 inch gap for turning and stuffing.  Sew together using the same seam allowance that you used on the front of the pillow. trim thread, points and turn right side out.


4 – Final Steps


Stuff  to desired firmness ( I like it to be a little more firm so it can stand better without sagging.)  Hand sew opening shut.  If desired sew a button onto the center.


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