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Content on this website may not be clipped in whole or in part onto eHow or “Spark”.  No other clipping or scraping of this website is allowed by any service – whether I’ve added the blocking code or not.  By visiting this website you agree to these terms.


  • The free patterns are not for reproduction to be sold in whole or in part.
  • You may not claim these patterns as your own.
  • You may not alter and resell these patterns.
  • You may not modify these patterns and then claim them as your own.
  • You may not re-post the instructions or demonstration pictures given in the tutorials in any manner.
  • You may not make your own tutorial using my pattern giving step by step instructions, you are free to comment briefly on changes you made or adjustments and link to the tutorial page, but a step by step tutorial is a not permitted and violates my copyright.  In a nutshell – come up with your own material – don’t recycle mine.  It’s tacky and it’s stealing.
  • You may not re-post the patterns to the web or email them another person – if you want to share them just have them come to this site.
  • You may not use the files or resulting patterns for obscene, defamatory, libelous or immoral works or any other purpose which is prohibited by law.
  • The following terms of use apply to my patterns only.  For guest posts or contributor posts you must see the designer’s website for what is permissible in using their patterns and designs.
  • You may not print up multiple copies for distribution – if you wish to print several copies for a charity, church, or class please write me (angel@fleecefun.com) for permission.
  • You must credit FleeceFun.com if you post completed examples in a shop or booth by placing a card that says “pattern by fleecefun.com ” next to the sample.
  • You may sell completed items you have sewn from the pdf patterns – as long as on the sales tag you credit “Pattern by www.fleecefun.com” and if selling on the internet you must have it in the internet description as “Pattern by www.fleecefun.com”. You must also be a single  proprietorship with 3 or less employees. Handmade only – no mass production.   Plus send me a picture – I’d love to see your work and feature your shop in a post.
  • You may NOT sell work that used SVG files or use the SVG files for mass production.
  • You may not mass duplicate these patterns (no more than 3 hard copies) without my permission.
  • These patterns and SVG files may not be used for mass production.
  • You use these patterns at your own risk.
  • I reserve the right to modify the terms of use at anytime – you must stay up to date on the terms.
  • You may post the example picture with a link to the tutorial Page it refers to – but no more information than that.
  • You may not link directly to the pdfs – if you wish to link please link to the instruction page – not the pdf
  • File sharing sites may not use my PDFs or SVGs for content or link directly to them.
  • By filing out an email form, downloading or linking to any pattern or page on this site you agree to these terms

By your continued support in following these guideline I will be able to continue to offer free patterns.

Photo Use and Copyright

All photos on this site are copyrighted by fleecefun.com and Angel Dawn Productions unless otherwise stated.
You may use 1 photo of a beauty shot of the product (no demonstration photos) if you are blogging about the pattern, but you must include a link and give credit to FleeceFun.com
If you would like a beauty shot in a different form that will work better for your post just email me.  All my pictures will be watermarked, however.
You may not use the photos to demonstrate products.
You may not claim these photos as your own.
You may not use these photos for any other purpose besides promoting Fleecefun.com
Re-posting demonstration photos is forbidden.

Pinning Terms of Service:

I love Pinterest but please abide by the following:

You May:

  • Pin beauty shots (like the one on the left)
  • Please be sure that you give proper credit to the source (FleeceFun.com)

You May Not:

  • Pin demonstration photos – any of the photos that show how to assemble the pattern or a process of the pattern.  These are copyrighted and I consider pinning these a violation of my copyright and process.
  • Pin and add instructions underneath the pin. Re-posting my instructions in any form is a violation of my copyright.
  • Pin and claim that is a different pattern – give me credit for my hard work.


  1. I was just wondering about the printing size of the patterns. I have found out from printing other patterns from other sites that my printer doesnt always print the correct size. So I have found it beneficial where there has been a print of a 1 inch square that I can measure against. Is there anything on your patterns that I can be assured that I am printing out the correct size.

  2. Hi. I would just like to say Thank you for sharing your work. I find this website very exciting to browse. I dropped by your youtube video and came across your website and I have now made my first Car Seat Cover. 🙂

    Thank you again. Monica

  3. i loved the little girl apron with the button closure i have 3 grandaugherts and they would love it
    i cant figurre out how to print the pattern thank you

    1. Hi Ilene,
      You need to click on the picture of the pattern envelope in the size you want. Depending on the set up of your internet browser the file will either open, or will download to your computer. If the file opens in the browser, right click and select print, if you download the file open, Then print as normal.

  4. Thanks for this lovely “Trapper Hat” pattern and your very do-able Terms of Service. I just found your site (through Sew Can She) and look forward to coming back!

  5. Hi!
    Thank you so much for your patterns and website. I found the fleece pants VERY helpful! We live in Florida and its been difficult trying to find reasonably priced/properly sized winter wear for our son (1 yr old). The cold fronts this year have been rough and have caught us unprepared but not anymore, now I can dress my boy in cuddly fleece clothes and he’ll be nice and warm thanks to you!

    Most Grateful!

  6. I am happy to be able to print a pattern for this hat. We are expecting 3 babies this year within 3 months of each other. Two grandchildren both boy and girl and a great grandchild. So this will come in very handy

  7. Hi Angel,
    This was a great pattern, and you explained everything so well – my first pdf pattern! total success! I have been creating sewing craft type stuff for my grandchildren for several years, but I have always made it up as I went along (part of the fun was to solve the design problems). But your site and explanations overcame my ‘I’ll do it all by myself’ habit. I loved it! Very clear and a fun project.
    I made a small addition (which allowed me to exercise the ‘concept’ muscles – added a neck band to hide the seams of hood and robe at the neck. My grandson loves the robes and I’ll be making another one in a smaller size for his younger brother for Christmas.
    Thanks again for introducing me in such a welcoming, friendly way to this way of sewing!

  8. Hi
    I want to make your Harry Potter robes for my little sister but I can’t seem to find the form so I can get the pattern.
    I have looked everywhere in your post about the robe.

    1. Hi Becky – I’m sorry that you’re having trouble. Try filling out the form on another device -so if you tried on your phone try again on a laptop. Don’t use the autofill – type it. That can make a difference.

  9. I have requested the Witch Courture style hat a few times and it has still not been received. I have tried on two devices and noted the comment above about autofill. Can you help please. I am so looking forward to making these for my granddaughters.

  10. Hi Angel,
    I hope to get sewing again for my grandaughters (8,6,6,2). I’d like to try the knit circle skirt. I have a regular sewing machine and will use a zig zag stitch?
    I am “up north” in WI (live outside of LaCrosse, WI, but its still “up north” 4 hours north of there) so access to printer will be a week or so. I just don’t want to forget about this until then. I do have a machine here, but no printer. There hasn’t been many rainy days to start a project anyway!

    Thanks for all you do, esp to keep us grandmas sewing!
    Amy Bigjohn

  11. I have subscribed and printed patterns but not all have the one-inch test box. Perhaps they were on pg 1 and I might have missed it and started with the pattern on page two. I want to reprint and see if it’s there. U haaven’t sewn any yet becasue I can’t tell if my printer printed correctly. I hae sent you 2 emails with my question regarding this test box but have not received a reply. I hope I can just reprint and see if I missed a page.

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