Thanksgiving printables

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Doesn’t it seem that as soon as Halloween is over we go right to Christmas?  What happened to Thanksgiving?  What kind of world we live in if instead stores put out all of the Thanksgiving stuff? Honestly I think it would be a better one.  Making more time to be Thankful and a little less give me.  I love these free 8 x 10 Thanksgiving pritnables.  Just throw them into frames and put on your mantle.  I love the classic colors too!

Now I know some of you might be thinking – “Angel aren’t you already talking about handmade gifts for Handmade Saturday?”  And yes I am.  However handmade gifts take time – you need to start planning now for them.  And 2 – I think taking time to make something for someone shows a certain amount of gratitude for that person. 🙂

I hope these happy Thanksgiving printable can add a little Thanksgiving cheer to your November.  You can get these free printables here.

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