The truth about burn out

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Can I confess something to you?  My blog usually begins to flat line in March.  I used to blame it on the fact that we’re coming out of fleece season… but I am beginning to think it’s me.  Angel Hickman Peterson of Fleece FunI think that after the holiday season, I get hit with taxes and then I get hit with convention season.  And I just begin to feel a little tired.  I have some video tutorials in the pipeline, along with some cute printables.  I have them all planned out, I just need to get them polished up and ready to show you.  So I beg your pardon this week, know that I’m taking a deep breath pulling myself up by my bootstraps and will have some wonderful things for you in the next few weeks.

This little blogger is going a little batty this week with dealing with the “business” side of blogging and a nearly two year old boy that is constantly trying to get into trouble. (There are some days where I feel all I do is follow him around and keep him from causing himself serious injury, and come night fall I just don’t have anything left to give to Fleece Fun).

I hope that spring is finding it’s way to your door,

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  1. I don’t think anyone will think you’re slacking! Family and health are most important. Hopefully you’re finding time to take care of both right now. Looking forward to new things to come!

  2. You are adorable. This post speaks to me!! I am going through the same thing and am in CRAZY burnout. Thankfully, I think we all are in the same boat. Even if you don’t run your own business, life is CRAZY and we all need a minute to compose ourselves.

    P/S: You are BEAUTIFUL and I miss your face!! Let’s place soon… You know,,,, When life slows down. 😉 bahahaha

  3. This is the WORST time of the year for me too! Don’t beat yourself up over it, take a breath or two and we will still be here waiting when you get back 😀

  4. My “beautiful mess” is now filled with grandchildren and projects for them. I wouldn’t have it any other well. It is just a corner of a bedroom where guests stay and it means that when my little grands come everything must be put away. I do it gladly.

    That corner and corners like it have always been enough. There I’ve created wedding dresses, rag dolls, and other treasures. There is where my middle daughter learned to embroidery. That corner is where my oldest learned to sew and my youngest stood by my side and watched. They have beautiful memories and so do I.

  5. Sometimes LIFE just happens and it’s okay! Enjoy the time you have with your little one. It is a very critical and important time. We understand LIFE. Let your passion be a passion, by doing it to the best of your ability without it interfering in your precious job of being a mom.

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