When is a Virtual Assistant Worth the Money?

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You’ve been blogging for a while.  You’ve heard about all the virtues of hiring a Virtual Assistant.  virtual assistant pinBut when is it the right time to take the plunge?  Getting help for you blog is a great idea, but it also mean parting with your hard earned income.  Here ‘s a great way t determine if it’s time to hire a VA.


  1. The busy work is keeping you from creating content. As a blogger you know that it’s no longer enough to just hit “publish”.  You have to share it on social media, share it on various sites to make sure that it gets seen.  I personally have a long check list for each post.  But now its seems like writing, photographing and editing the article is only half the job.  This is where a VA is a wonderful asset – I can hand over that sharing to her to handle and get back to creating content.
  2. You have repetitive tasks that must be done at a certain time and place. Maybe it’s pin scheduling, or you’re a member of a share group.   While these are great number boosters, they can be frustrating when you’re trying to create content.
  3. Your in box overfloweth. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten an email when someone asks me to email them a pattern directly because they can’t get it to download.  A repetitive email like this I can easily forward and let my VA handle.  I am sure you might get something similar, here’s another task they can handle.
  4. You want to grow your numbers. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase you have to spend money to make money.  If you want your blog to grow you need to expand your team and have more man (woman) power behind it  or if you’re constantly handling every last details of your blog from the content to distribution to accounting to looking for new opportunities, you will reach a bottle neck of how far your blog can grow.  Some bloggers are happy to reach a steady point but if you want to push past it, you’ll need to start delegating for it to grow.
  5. You have a steady enough income from your blog that you can support a VA. When I hire a VA I set an hourly rate, and an amount of hours I plan on having her work each month.  I have this budgeted and know that I can pay her that amount each month.  It’s important that you be honest with what you can afford for your sake, and for theirs.
  6. You’re organized enough to be able to hand over the reigns. You know where every post and page is.  You know what you want o promote in fall and what does better in spring.  And it’s all locked away in your head.  Before you can hire someone one and expect them to be effective, you need to be organized enough so they can do their job!  Have some google docs set up so you and your VA can be on the same page (literally and figuratively).


A VA can be such a wonderful asset to growing your blog, and if you get a good one – treat them well, they’re gold.  Are you ready for a VA? Is there another suggestion that you have before hiring one?  I’d love to hear about it!

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