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Step 5 –  Sew the hood exterior and lining together

hoos to liningchild cape0091child cape0092child cape0093With right sides together pin the two hoods together, making sure the seam at the top lines up on both pieces.  Using a walking foot sew the two together using a .5 inch (1.25cm) seam allowance.  Turn hood right side out and set aside.

Step 6 – sew the outer body of the cape together

child cape0018cape togetherchild cape0004With right side together place the front of the cape on the back.  Sew each side seam using a walking foot with a .5 inch (1.25cm) seam allowance.  Repeat with the lining.

Step 7 – sew the hood onto the exterior of the cape.

child cape0007Line up the back of hood and the sides with the top of the exterior cape.  With right sides together ( the exterior of the hood touching the exterior of the cape)  pin the hood into place.  Sew on using a .5 inch (1.25 cm) seam allowance.


Step 8 – sew lining to the cape.

lining to capechild cape0008child cape0009With the hood sandwiched in between the exterior and the lining, place right sides together and pin be sure to leave a 4 to 6 inch ( 10 to 15 cm) gap at the back bottom for turning.  Sew all the way around using a walking foot and a .5 inch ( 1.25 cm) seam allowance.

Step 8 – sew lining to the cape.

child cape0001Turn right side and sew gap shut.  Optional – top stitch all the way around the cape using a .25 inch (.5 cm) seam allowance.

Step 9 – add button and button hole.

Take button and draw button hole onto the side you wish the button to be on. on the hood front.  Sew in button hole and attach button on the other side.  Trim threads.

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  1. 1

    Stephanie says

    Do you think this could be adapted to add a zipper to the front? Also, are you adding all the other sizes this month? (I know you keep getting asked this, but its getting cold here haha!)

  2. 2

    Ashley says

    Is the cut of this cape/poncho generous enough that you can pull the back of it up and over the back of a convertible seat, so that it isn’t under the baby? I’m thinking about making this for my larger 1 year old, and just making it a bit shorter.

    • 3


      Hi Ashley,
      It might be a little short to pull up and over, depending on your carseat. That’s the trade off, you can make it long enough to go over car seat or short enough for them to walk and be out and about in. My little girls will sit on the back of the poncho and we buckle them in, and put the front over the buckles.
      – Angel

  3. 4

    sARA says

    In step 7, do you sew the hood to the exterior just for ease in working later? Couldn’t you just pin the exterior, the hood, and the liner and sew it all in one go? Sure, it might be messy….but would that work? Just trying to cut steps when my toddler tries to help….

    • 5


      I have it this way because it’s easier to manage than try to sew the entire thing in one go – it would be very bulky and cumbersome. By doing it separately it keeps it neater and when you’re dealing with slippery fabrics like satin you want to avoid messy. :)

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