Blanket and Quilt Tutorials

Move beyond the Tie blanket to these wonderful (and many are very easy) blanket and quilt tutorials.  blanket-and-quilt-tutorialsThere are tutorials that are perfect for fast gifts or if you’re just want to learn about basic quilting.  Here’s you’ll fin the blanket and quilt tutorials Fleece Fun has to offer.

How to make a Duvet Cover (Easy)

how to make a duvetsThis warm and luxurious Duvet cover is the perfect way to add warmth to an existing comforter or duvet – get the tutorial.

Satin edge fleece blanket tutorial

Satin Binding blanketIt’s a quick sew and gives your blanket a beautiful finished look – with out losing any material to fabric ties.  Get the step by step tutorial here.

Self Binding Blanket (with video)

how to make a self binding blanketTwo pieces of fabric become one beautiful throw.  Fast and easy to put together.  Get the tutorial here.

Sew and Flip Quilt (with video)

sew and flip featureA classic and easy way to put together a blanket.  Plus tips on how to sew with mink/ cuddle fabric.  Get the written and video tutorial here.

Rag Quilt (with video)

how to make a rag quilt tutoiralThe perfect first sewing project that is fast and easy to do.  Make it with flannel, fleece or mink / cuddle.  This tutorial has multiple step by step tutorials to show you how to make this quilt.  Get the tutorial here.

Crochet edge fleece blanket tutorial

foundation edge Learn how easy it is to crochet along the edge of a fleece blanket to give it a beautiful finish!  Get the tutorial here.


  1. I wanted a quilt idea for fleece – My brother wants me to long arm a complete quilt made of fleece
    I know you are the queen of fleece.
    Do you have any suggestions before I begin?
    He wants it King size neat and no cuts or add on to it.

    Thanks for you help


    1. That’s a tall order. You will need some seams in it as only industrial rolls come any wider than 60″. Use a ballpoint needle and triple check your tension before you being – fleece can be finicky.

  2. I just want to say thanks for the tutorial on the sew and flip quilt, love it. Wasn’t for sure how to sew the cuddle fabric, with it stretching, this is the fastest, easiest, quilt I have ever made. THANKS AGAIN.

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