Children’s Boutique Style Pants – free girl pants pattern

You can make beautiful pants that look like they came from an exclusive boutique. This free child pants pattern is easy to make, and there's a video tutorial that makes it so easy! I'm making a few pairs for my little one! Fleece sewing project. This free girl pants pattern is easy to make.  Your little one won’t  stop dancing and twirling in them!
You will need:

The free Fleece Fun .pdf Pattern
1 yard fleece
22 inches 1 inch lace (optional)
16-19 inches elastic

Sewing Essentials (pins, scissors, etc.)

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Here is the video tutorial, picture and written tutorial below:

Children’s Boutique Style Pants – free girl pants pattern

1 – Cut out pattern

Print up the pattern (you can get assembly instructions here)
Cut out pattern pieces. If you are adding lace cut to the lace line.

While you’re at it why not make a matching hat?  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.


2 – Begin with the bottom ruffle

If you want lace on the bottom of the pant legs, add it each of the ruffle pieces now. Just sew it onto the bottom – no need to finish off the fleece edge!

On the other side of the ruffle piece baste along the top. Gather the piece and pin to the bottom of main (top) pant pattern. Repeat for other pant leg.

3 – Begin to sew

With right sides together and using a .5 inch seam allowance sew ruffle and main part of pant together.  Unfold.  Then folding entire pant leg in half, sew from the point before the pant curves in.  Sew each pant leg.

4 – Sew pant legs together

Turn on pant leg right side out and stuff down into inside out pant leg.  Line up seams and pin together.  Sew.  Sew additional reinforcement in crotch area if desired.
Confused?  See video above.

5- Finishing touches

If you aren’t adding lace, turn cuffs under  1 inch and using a zigzag stitch, stitch along edge of cloth for hem.
Turn the waistband down 1.5 inches. Pin.  Using a medium zigzag sew along edge of waist starting at a seam and stopping 2 inches short of completing the seam.

Using a safety-pin pinned on one end of the elastic – thread the elastic through the waistband (taking care to keep the other end exposed).  Sew elastic Ends together.  Sew opening closed.  Trim thread and Voila!

I take the elastic and hold it around my child’s waist to give it the right fit.  Safety pin the elastic and then pull it down over the hips to you can tell that there if there is enough / or too much stretch.  Gauge how much to use from there.

While the sample I made is one color I think this pattern would be fun made with two patterned pieces or contrasting colors.

Download the free pattern here, tutorial below.

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the picture of the pattern envelope to download the .pdf !

 This free child pants pattern is easy to make, and there's a video tutorial that makes it so easy! I'm making a few pairs for my little one! Fleece sewing project.


  1. Question… Once I downloaded and printed out all the sizes I tried to make a pair of 4t/5t pants. I was so excited but when I tried to put them on my 3 yr old they wouldn’t fit over her thighs. I also have a 2 yr old and they fit that child perfect. My 2 yr old wears a 18 to 24 month pant right now and my 3 almost 4 yr old wears a 5t. Sooo my question is.. when printing the pattern am I suppose to enlarge it in any way? I assembled the pattern the exact way that was shown and I have been sewing for a few years now.
    Please Help!

    1. Hi Trisha,
      I am so sorry for your frustration, but hopefully we can figure out what’s going on. The pattern is laid out to scale already. Just to make sure – does the first page in the pdf have a demask background? Some of my older patterns had issues and I want to make sure you have the most current. Also when you laid out the pattern to assemble it did it look like the map? Also are you using US standard paper? Feel free to email me directly and we’ll get your little ones in cute pants in no time!

    2. Hi!
      Love the website! Thanks for all the great ideas and patterns…I too made the fleece ruffle bottom pants for my little girl. She is very small for her age (4 years), but to be safe, I made the 4T/5T size. They just do fit although very long in the crotch. Also, they could be a bit longer as well. Any tips on tweeking the pattern?

    3. Hi Sherri!
      Just add a little length to the bottom ruffle section to make the leg a little longer. To make the crotch or rise of the pant fit better just take an inch or two off the top of the pant top section. Hope that helps!

  2. My DD is 2 yrs old and wears a 2t/3t pant–depending on if it’s a legging or a pant. The 24/2t pants are usually too little. But you do not have a 3t pattern. Which one should I use? This will be my first attempt at making any clothing for her, so I’m excited that this looks like I might be able to make these successfully!

    1. Hi Amy,
      I want you to be successful too – so I recommend using the 24/2T pant pattern assemble it and hold it up next to your girl, if it looks like it’s going to be too short lengthen either the ruffle or the pant top by a few inches ( you can do this by just adding a couple inches to the bottom when you are cutting out the pattern. If this doesn’t sound appealing you can always use the 4t pattern – the main difference is the length the waist sizes are similar.
      – Angel

  3. I just finished making a pair of the 24m/2T to match a pillow case dress for my 3T girl and they fit great, I just added about an inch extra to the pants. Super quick an easy!

  4. Good Morning,
    I am totally confused with the pattern and how to assemble the pieces. How many pieces of material is there supposed to be for the pattern, numbers 1, 2 are the most confusing. I understand that 4 & 5 are the pant parts and 3 and 6 are the ruffle, but I dont know how 1 & 2 fit in

  5. Love the pattern and thanks for posting. I did notice that you have a 3-6M and a 12M-18M but can’t seem to find one for 6-12M. Is there one?

  6. Love, Love, Love these ruffle boutique fleece pants. Just made them for my daughter & they are precious. Thank you so very much for making this pattern & putting it out there for free. I am so grateful!

  7. I am about to start sewing the pants, but I wanted to first thank you for the wonderful pattern. I love how there is a video and step by step instructions. Thank you so much for all your hard work! I just started sewing this year, so your tutorials are a blessing! They have taught me so much.

  8. Hello!

    I want to make the ruffle pants with the contrast pattern as shown with the polka dots above. I know they are the same pattern but what are the measurements for the material I would need for the contrast? Should I just get 2/3 yard of both to be safe?

    Thanks so much 🙂
    Sarah in Alabama

    1. You’ll need at most a 1/3 yard for the ruffle depending on the size. Or you could get 2/3 yards of each and make two pairs of pants. =)

    2. Thanks. Its for the 18-25 month size. I have a cute peasant top pattern and was going to make the top in solid with print sleeves and the pants solid with print ruffles.

      Thanks for the pattern!


  9. 120712

    Thanks so much for a great pattern and tutorial—–I love this pretty font too!

    What happens if I make these pants with a quilting-weight cotton fabric? Will they be too snug?

    Please advise.

    Thanks for all your help!

  10. I wanted to say “thank you” for the free pattern. These pants are so fun! I made a pair for my 5 year old, and she loves them. I really enjoy your site and appreciate your generosity.

  11. What is the back of the pant, I may have just missed it in the directions, is it the V on the top of the pants

    1. For this pattern there is no “back” of the pant on the larger sizes – on the baby sizes there is a little extra for the back to compensate for the baby’s movement.

  12. Hello!
    I have made an adorable fleece hat for my niece for her birthday next week and I have plenty of fleece left over. I want to make her the boutique style fleece pants using the pattern you have on your website. She is turning 3, and is therefore in a 3T, but for the pattern, I have to choose either 2T or 4T. Any suggestions???

  13. I am trying to download this pattern but it takes me somewhere that scans my computer for errors and then wants me to buy protection for the computer. I just want the pattern. What do I do???

    1. You need to click the pattern envelope below where it says “Download the pattern here” in the size you want.

  14. I want a pair for me and my daughter and daughter-n-law. They remind me of a pair of PJ’s I got when I was a kid. My Mom bought us a new pair for Christmas eve for us to open and wear for Christmas morning. Our family has continued the tradition as well.

  15. Thank you so much for the free pants pattern and tutorial!!! I can’t wait to make my girls these super cute pants!!!! I’ll post about it on my blog and link you! Thanks again!!

  16. I just made a pair of pants for my daughter based off of this pattern and instructions. She’s a size 12/14. I used a pair of her pants to make my own pattern, then followed your instructions on how to put them together and add the ruffle. They are so cute! I have so much trouble finding her cute clothing in this size, so making my own was awesome…especially for less than $7!

  17. I used the 4t/5t pattern to make a pair for my 3-year-olds today, and I can add my voice to the chorus saying this size runs small! My girls couldn’t pull these up over their hips, and the length was several inches too short. I believe you might should relabel that size as 2T/3T. Following the instructions with a 1″ hem, 1.5″ waistband, and 0.5″ seam allowances, the final garment has a 20″ hip circumference, 9.5″ inseam and a 9″ rise. (For comparison, Gymboree’s size chart lists a 16″ inseam for size 4.) Hope this feedback may be helpful!

  18. LOVE it! Thanks so much for a great, easy to follow pattern. The video made it so easy to have an idea in my head what I was doing- they came together perfectly! 😀

  19. I made the 5/6 pants out of cotton material and I must say they are super cute! I am making them for a out-of-town friend and I only have boys (who refused to try them on – imagine that 🙂 ). I held them next to a pair of 5 jeans from Children’s Place and they look super small. They are about 3″ shorter than the jeans. I did finish the ruffle, but that would only account for about 0.5″ Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Kristen,
      I haven’t had a chance to fix this pattern to make a more standard size (my girls must have short legs!). Perhaps you can lengethen it by adding some lace to the bottom.
      – Angel

  20. I absolutely love this patten and thank you so much for posting and allowing us to use it. I have 4 yr old twin girls and have been sewing since I was pregnant but have never used an actual pattern, I have always just looked at something and tried to make it and used my girls pants, not always worked out with the right sizing, this pattern was extremely easy to print, put together, and use. I look forward to viewing the rest of your website to see what else I can make

  21. Just found your site and you are fabulous! Many thanks from a great grandmother who sews a lot for the little ones and on a fixed income and living in the country without shopping areas, you have made me even happier that I can keep up sewing the good things.

  22. A BIG thank you for your free patterns … it also works with a lot of different fabrics. I made trousers with a thick cotton ( in French ” toile gabardine”) for my 3-year old and two pajamas for my 4 year-old in a very light cotton and all works perfectly …a great MERCI form France ! Long live your site !

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