Cute Craft Room Decor Ideas (Craft Space Makeover)

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Now that the walls are painted, the new floor is in and I have my dream furniture, it’s time to move onto the REALLY fun part – decor!  It’s time to take this nice blank canvas and start to personalize it.  This what a crafty person like me has been training for!  I’m sharing Cute Craft Room Decor Ideas that I used when finishing out my space.

These Cute Craft Room Decor Ideas are sure to inspire what you can do in your space. Lots of beautiful photos and links to tutorials.Cute Craft Room Decor Ideas:

Have Style Meet Function

I am big on wanting my space to be pretty, but also functional.  A really good example of this is my television monitor.  I have this monitor that I use to I can see the framing on overhead shots when I’m filming.  Nice right?  I knew that it would be best mounted to the wall, but I didn’t want to have this black monitor just hanging on the wall, with wires leading in and out of it…. just a little too industrial for my taste.  

I found this really cute frame shelf at Hobby Lobby.  I then drilled holes in to to lead the wires through. (Don’t look too closely at it – there is a reason why I don’t have a wood working blog!) 

To deal with the empty space around the monitor I stuffed flowers in the prism colors that I have been decorating in.  Functional monitor, that isn’t ugly.

I also covered the cords with chandelier cover (like this one) to make the wires seem a little more soft.

These Cute Craft Room Decor Ideas are sure to inspire what you can do in your space. Lots of beautiful photos and links to tutorials.For my craft tower, I found these cute jars for my peg board that added some nice color and are great for holding items!

I decorated the other side with pictures of my family. If you look closely you can see a card that I got from when I was a cast member at Disney.

I found this cute caddy to keep pens, clips, scissors and other items handy.

Keep craft room decor up and out of the way

I wanted the big surface in my craft room to be kept free of clutter, which meant that the decor would need to be on the walls and off my surfaces.  I also wanted the backdrop for where I would be filming changeable and meant purely for decoration (meaning not a place where I would try to stash more stuff).  I opted for open shelving that I could easily change out the decor on and would look nice on camera.  

Because of the type of shelving it was I took my time making sure that it was level and that it looked good.  Again, not my strong suit and it felt like it took forever to get up.

Rearrange and reuse classic decor

While I was redecorating my craft room I held onto all of my old decor from my previous space, in case there were items that I wanted to use again.  When it came time to decorate I had that pool of items to pull from.

One prime example are these cute huge buttons (you can learn how to make them here) that look perfect in this sewing room.

I had these cute jars with felt flowers I had made for centerpieces for an event, and they looked great in the space so I added those.

I got this form from a store closing.  I will change her outfit once in a while, but I really like this apron on her.

And I had several wood spools that I thought would look great on the shelves too!

Make it your own

A Craft Room or Sewing Room wouldn’t be compete without a few personalized items!  

These Cute Craft Room Decor Ideas are sure to inspire what you can do in your space. Lots of beautiful photos and links to tutorials.I wanted to have my logo featured somewhere on the shelves and came up with this cute reverse canvas artwork.  You can learn how I did that here.

I love these letters but they were so plain Jane, that I gave them a little makeover.

All I did was carefully measure and tape off the center of each one. 

I painted the top teal and bottom gold, and they look great!

These Cute Craft Room Decor Ideas are sure to inspire what you can do in your space. Lots of beautiful photos and links to tutorials.Because I am desperately trying to be better about keeping  my craft room tidy, I have this cute trash bucket to keep near me, perfect for dropping scraps, threads and waste into. You can get that tutorial here.

While I did focus a lot of time on the was that people would be looking at, this is my space.  I made sure the wall that I would be looking at most of the time was pretty, happy and positive. Aren’t those wall decals fun? They were so easy to put up and added some interest to the wall.

Support Other Creatives

I filled in a couple of other things with items I found on Etsy – like these watercolor art  pictures of sewing items.   

To add color and keep it interesting.  I also found this cute wood work – but haven’t found a place for it to live in my space yet!

So there are my craft room decor ideas.  Whew almost there.

Next week the big reveal!  I can’t wait to show you! (And to be finished).

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  1. I’ve been following Fleece Fun almost since the beginning. I’ve sewn a bazillion fleece hats (I counted) from your halloween designs and at least a dozen pairs of mittens for charity. I’ve used your cape patterns, too, and your burp cloths. So I’m REALLY glad to see these posts about your craft room decor. It makes you seem like a real person and not an impersonal corporation

    1. HI Cindy! So happy that you love the hat pattern and have been a long time reader of my blog. I confess I have a hard time getting personal on my blog, I’m not a sharer. 🙂 But it’s been great sharing my space and giving everyone a peek into my personal life.

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