Free Fall Printable Long Flags

I love this free printable and cute "gumball" lollipops you can make. Fun fall DIY for parties.These free fall printable long flags coordinate with the “Welcome Fall” collection.  They are perfect for straws, caramel apple sticks and other fun decor!  Just cut out and tape together to add beauty to any object.

You can see all of the “Welcome Fall” Collection here.

Be sure to check out my tips for printing printables here if you are new to working with printables.

When I was doing the styling for my “Welcome Fall” printable collection I wanted to come up with a different way to give away gum balls – and then it hit me gum ball lollipops – easy to transport, you can prep them in advance and they won’t melt in the sun.

For the gum ball lollipops you will need:

Large gum balls in different colors

Long lollipop sticks



long candied pretzel bags

Long tags from the Welcome Fall Collection 

glue dots

knitting needle or large needle

Please note that we are using a drill in this tutorial – please be very careful when operating this tool.  You do this at your own risk.

Download the pattern below, tutorial below:

Click Photo of printable to download the file.  For personal use only, not for sale or mass distribution.  This is on “loan” only you have no rights to resell or distribute this artwork.

lolli dowload

Step 1 – Prep you work space

Because we’ll be drilling, but we want the  gum ball to be edible, be sure to sanitize the drill bit.  Also it’s a good idea to have a block of wood to protect your work surface from the drill, I wiped down the board and wrapped it in wax paper.

Step 2 – Drill Gum balls

Using a knitting needle or other sharp object, make an indent where you want to begin drilling the gum ball.  This makes it so the drill won’t slip on the gum ball surface.  Take the Drill and drill completely through the gum ball (note because drills and lollipop sticks can vary you may need to try a couple of bits to get the perfect fit.)  Thread the gum ball onto the lollipop stick.  Continue until you have  three gum balls on the stick.  For the last gum ball, only drill half way through the gum ball for the topper.

Step three – wrap the Gum ball Lollipop!

Cut down the pretzel bag so it goes a little longer than the bottom gum ball.  Wrap the bottom with twine and use a glue dot to secure.  Then take a Long tag from the Welcome Fall Collection and wrap it around the twine to finish the look!.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful welcome fall kit! Just wanted you to know that it is just the thing I was looking for to help decorate our Family Fall Festival at church. This is when we have our chili cook off and the folded tents will be perfect for numbering the chili’s. Thank you for so much for sharing

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