Free Printable Fall Banner {Welcome Fall Collection}

I think this free printable banner DIY is a perfect autumn decor idea! This free printable fall banner coordinates with the “Welcome Fall” collection.  The banner is quite large and works well in big spaces.  As an alternative you can just print out the “fall” section of the banner to fit a smaller space.

You can see all of the “Welcome Fall” Collection here.

Be sure to check out my tips for printing printables here if you are new to working with printables.

I’m releasing more printables all through the month of September 2013 so be sure to check back to grab the entire collection.

For this project you will need:

1 yard burlap

1 bottle fray check

Long needle with a wide eye

3- 5 yards 1/4 inch ribbon


hot glue gun and glue sticks


The “Welcome Fall” Banner printable
Fall Fairies_092412_1072

Download the pattern here, tutorial below:

Click Photo of the Banner to download the file.  For personal use only, not for sale or mass distribution.  This is on “loan” only you have no rights to resell or distribute this artwork.

Free fall banner download

Step 1 – Print and cut!

Print up the Welcome Fall banner in color.  I recommend printing up the template on card stock.  This Banner is large so if you have a small space you want to consider just printing the “Fall” part of the banner.  Cut out each flag and the template

Step 2 – Prep the Burlap

Using the template and a pencil, trace the template on the burlap and cut out.

Tip:  It looks best if you do it one at a time for a nice crisp cut.

Then use fray check on the edges of the each flag – this will keep the burlap from unraveling and give the edges a little bit of stiffness ( also makes it more durable to use from year to year).  Let dry 30-45 minutes.

Step 3 – Glue the banner together

Using a hot glue gun glue the paper banner to the burlap (have something protective beneath it in case of dripping. Center the paper Banner on the burlap and glue.

Step 4 – String together

Thread a needle with ribbon and weave through the burlap to bring your banner together.  You can make one long banner or break it up by having the “Welcome” and the “Fall” on separate ribbon strings.  Twine would also work well for this!  Put up your banner and enjoy fall!


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