Free St. Patrick’s Day Printable – One Lucky coin

This free St. Patrick’s day printable is fun fast and cost effective!  With only one of those expensive chocolate gold coins attached – you’ll be able to give more to your friends!  This free St. Patrick's day printable says "One Lucky Coin. No matter how it's flipped it always comes up chocolate! The text on the card says “One Lucky Gold Coin”.  And the small text read “No matter how many times it’s flipped, it always comes up chocolate!”.

The other day I was in the grocery store and say a little box of gold coins sitting out.  I immediately put them in my cart thinking I would do a fun St. Patrick’s day craft or printable with them on Fleece Fun.  I didn’t think about them again until I rung them up at the cash register.  It was $9!  9 dollars for a small box of coins.   I immediately thought about all the fun coin things I’d seen on Pinterest – wow –  expen-seevo!   So I decided that I would come up with a printable that would make those costly suckers stretch a little more.  So here it is my “One Lucky Coin” printable.  The small text reads “No matter how many times it’s flipped it always comes up chocolate!”.  Just print up, cut out and glue on a coin .  I used a glue dot and it worked perfectly.

Dress your kids up like leprechauns and take these coins around the neighborhood ( one of my friends does that with her kids).  Take them to work to get coax a smile from co-workers.  Have you kids take them to class to spread some luck around.
Be sure to check out my tips for printing printables here if you are new to working with printables.

Download the pattern here:

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. Click Photo of the labels to download the file.  For personal use only, not for sale or mass distribution.  This is on “loan” only you have no rights to resell or distribute this artwork.

st patrick download

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