How to make a Play Castle

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Knights, princesses they all need a place to call home.  Today I’m sharing how to make this handy play castle.  It uses a card table to have make a sturdy structure and folds up into a tidy little bag when pretend time is through.  In the example I used slate OlY*Fun cloth but you can easily use Orchid or bubble gum to give it a more “fairy tale princess” feel.  Since I mad my Tee Pee more on the girly side – I felt that I owed my little boy a fun place to play of his own.


One of the great things about Oly*Fun is that you can easily draw and paint on it.  To give the castle a more stone like appearance I used a sponge, masking tape and two different paint colors.  I’m pretty pleased with the results.


I also loved how easy Die Cuts work with the cloth.  I pulled out my Sizzix Big Kick and was able to make flags that have a crest on them – pretty fun!

When I pulled out the castle to take some pictures I couldn’t keep my little boy out of it.  He KNEW it was his spot.  I have a feeling I will be putting up his castle often.  Fortunately the whole things folds up into a bag so I can easily store it in the front hall closet in between play time.


This castle is part craft part basic sewing and was fun for me to put together.

You can get the Play Castle Tutorial here.


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