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Thankful Apron (with video)

This classic vintage looking apron is functional and fashionable.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial.

Heart Hand Warmers

Free Patterns on www.fleecefun.com These little hand warmers are cleverly designed to have a washable outer shell.  Perfect for warming up and stuffing into little pockets for warmth during the cold months.  Get the tutorial here.

Washable Duster (with video)

Make a duster that can fit a Swiffer handle that you can toss in the wash and reuse!  Get the free pattern and video tutorial.

Scraper Mitt (with video)

Keep your hand warm while you scrape off your car’s windshield on a frosty morning.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial.

Warm Fleece Mitten

free mitten pattern  featureThese double lined mittens are perfect for keeping fingers warm!  Sizes child to adult.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.


  1. I’m looking for a teddybear pattern. My father recently passed away and my niece has requested a teddy made from one of his shirts. Thanks!

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