Operation: Perfect Studio, Step 1: lighting!

Follow Me on Pinterest We’ve just moved into our new house, and we couldn’t be more excited to make it our own and get unpacked!  One thing I am really looking forward to is revamping my studio space into my dream space.  I’ll be sharing my adventure with you as I take a room in my new house and make it my own.

  As a photographer and a filmmaker lighting is sooooooo important when it comes to a space.   When I moved into my new studio one of the first things I decided was to switch out the dinky two bulb light fixture for something with a lot more light (and style).   I like to have a good amount of light when I am crafting and sewing.  I came across this fun light fixture at Lowe’s and snagged it.  Switching out a light fixture is surprisingly  easy.  There are a lot of how to videos online also.  My husband and I have never done it before and we had no trouble switching it out.  (ok there was one snafu – where we needed to thread to wires correctly but it was easily fixed).  A couple of things to think about when you choose your fixture:

How much light will this give me?

What direction is the light going to go?

One more thing that people don’t always consider:

What temperature (color of light) are my bulbs going to give off?

Be sure to think these things through before you head off to swap out a fixture.  However swapping out a fixture can significantly improve a room instantly! I know this picture is pretty lack luster, but in a few weeks I promise a lot of pretty pics for the final reveal!  As I go through the process of making my perfect studio, I will share with you what I’ve figured out and what I’ve done to make this space my own.

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