Craft Room Hanging Organizer Tutorial

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This easy to make craft room hanging organizer tutorial is perfect for storing materials. With clear pockets and cute fabric you can see your tools and decorate your sewing / craft space!

I love this Craft room organizer. The sewing instructions are clear and easy to follow. I think I will make it in the colors to go with my sewing space. Great DIY.Materials

bias tape (make it yourself or buy premade)

spray adhesiveof main fabric

fat quarter of batting

spray adhesive of backing fabric

small piece of medium gauge vinyl

grommets for hanging

optional: spray adhesive

Sewing Essentials (scissors, pins, etc.)

Craft Room Hanging Organizer Tutorial


1. Cut a rectangle 14″ x 20″ out of the backing, batting, and main fabric. Optional: use spray adhesive to keep the layers together as you sew.

69sewing organizer

2. Cut two rectangles out of vinyl (one 5″x 14″, one 9″x 14″). Finish one 14″ edge with bias tape.

69sewing organizer-2

3. Align larger vinyl rectangle with the bottom edge of the main panel. Baste it in place along the side and bottom edges to form a pocket. Place the smaller vinyl rectangle 2″ above the lower pocket. Sew around the two sides and bottom.

69sewing organizer-3

4. Divide the smaller pocket into three with 2 lines of stitching. Be sure to backstitch well at the top of the pocket. Divide the larger pocket into 2 in the same manner.

69sewing organizer-4

5. Cut a strip of backing fabric 4″ x 14″. This will be the topper of the organizer. Fold under each long edge by 1/2″. Fold a crease down the middle.

69sewing organizer-7

6. Sandwich the topper over the top of the organizer. Stitch in place close to the folded edge.

69sewing organizer-8

7. Finish the remaining three raw edges with binding. Leave a 1/2″ tail at the beginning and the end.

69sewing organizer-10

8. To create a nice mitered corner, stop stitching 1/2″ before the corner.

69sewing organizer-9

9. Fold the binding over to create the angled corner.

69sewing organizer-11

10. Stitch along the angle and pivot to continue applying the binding. Repeat with the second corner.

69sewing organizer-12

11. Finish the tails by folding over twice to the back side and stitching in place.

69sewing organizer-14

12. Mark the placement of your grommets. I chose to do 7 approximately 1.5″ apart to line up with the pegs of my thread holder. Alternatively, you can hang it on peg board, or use command hooks to attach it to the wall.

69sewing organizer-15

13. Apply the grommets according to the manufacturer’s directions. Buttonholes would also work if you do not want to do grommets.

69sewing organizer-16

Hang it up, fill it up, and enjoy!

I love this Craft room organizer. The sewing instructions are clear and easy to follow. I think I will make it in the colors to go with my sewing space. Great DIY.


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