Sewing Machine Mat Tutorial

You can make this sewing machine mat that will protect your equipment and make sewing easier (not to mention cuter)! I love this easy to follow sewing DIY on how to make a sewing machine mat. It looks like it would be handy for my sewing space.


1 fat quarter of quilting cotton fabric

1 fat quarter of contrast quilting cotton fabric

9″ x 20″ of high density foam. I cut a rectangle from an old yoga mat.

1 set of snaps

Sewing Essentials (pins, scissors, etc.)

Sewing Machine


9″ x 20″ of foam

30″ x 2″ for the scissor leash

13″ x 21″ of the top fabric

13″x 21″ of the bottom fabric

7″ x 21″ for the pincushion sleeve
72sewing machine mat

Sewing Machine Mat Tutorial


Prepare the scissor leash by pressing in half with the wrong sides facing. Open and fold the edges so that they meet in the middle. Press.

72sewing machine mat-2


72sewing machine mat-3Fold over one of the raw ends to the wrong side. The other raw edge will be inside the mat.


72sewing machine mat-4Sew along the long edge and the folded short edge of the scissor leash. Set scissor leash aside.

4. 72sewing machine mat-11 - Copy

Fold pin cushion sleeve in half with wrong sides together. Stitch along the long edge and one short edge. Clip the corner.


72sewing machine mat-6 - CopyTurn the pin cushion sleeve right side out. Fill with sawdust. I found a canning funnel to be helpful. Pack the sawdust in tightly.


72sewing machine mat-2-2Fold over the open edge and stitch shut. It doesn’t have to be pretty as you won’t see this from the outside of the finished mat. Set the pin cushion sleeve aside.



72sewing machine mat-5Sandwich the raw edge of the scissor leash between the two mat layers, right sides facing. Stitch along the top, side, and bottom edge. Clip corners and turn right side out.


72sewing machine mat-7 - CopySew a seam 3″ from the bottom edge. This will divide your mat into two pockets; one is for the mat and the other is for the pin cushion.


Slide the mat into the larger pocket. Tuck the raw edges in and pin in place.



72sewing machine mat-3-2Stuff the pin cushion sleeve into the pocket you formed. This will be tight. I found it helpful to use a wooden ruler to help stuff it in.



72sewing machine mat-10 - CopyPin the remainder of the edge close and handstitch shut.

72sewing machine mat-4-2


72sewing machine mat-5-2Apply a snap to the end of the scissor leash.

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I love this easy to follow sewing DIY on how to make a sewing machine mat. It looks like it would be handy for my sewing space.