Child’s basic Fleece Pants – free child pants patterns

Fleece Pant Pattern How to/tutorial/ DIY. Free Child's pants sewing pattern. It comes with a video tutorial - love those! Great DIY idea for winter sewing. Love this fleece sewing project. Perfect free child pants patternsThese free child pants patterns come in multiple sizes.  You can make comfortable pants for your little one to run around in.  Perfect for bedtime or playtime.  This pattern can also be made from Jersey Knit (t-shirt fabric) for a lighter version.   I’ll make several in one sitting.  

For some reason there have issues with this pattern design lately.  I am working on the pattern.  If you decide to go ahead and make the pants, please proceed carefully as people have been having issues with sizing. Note: sizes tend to run small

Update: sizes 3mo to 24mo, 3t,  5t, and 5/6 have been fixed.

Tip: Shorten the length of the pattern to make shorts or capris!

Materials you will need:

1/2 to 3/4 yard of fleece (depending on size of pattern)
13-20 inches of 1 inch elastic
Assembled printed pattern
Sewing Essentials (pins, scissors, etc.)



Here’s the video tutorial, and step by step picture tutorial below:

Free child pants patterns tutorial:

1- Assemble and cut out the Pattern

You can find instructions on how to assemble the pattern here.
You will be cutting out two of the pant pattern -This can be done with the technique of folding your cloth, then cut out the pattern.
Tip:  It’s really easy to make multiple pants at the same time.  (But makes sure the pattern will work before you make several pairs) So cut out all the pants at once – you’ll save time.

2 – Pin and sew each pant leg

Taking each piece you just cut, fold the right sides together and pin up the pant leg to the point of where it begins to curve.  Sew each piece using a 1/2 seam – (you can adjust this to fit your child better).

3 – Pin pants together and sew

Turn one pant leg right side out and stuff down into inside out pant leg.  Line up seams and pin together.  Sew.  Sew additional reinforcement in crotch area if desired.
Confused?  See video above.

4 – Turn bottom cuffs under and sew

I like to have a one inch cuff on the bottom to make the pants look nice.  You can adjust this to fit your child’s height by making the cuff larger or smaller.  With pants still inside-out turn cuff (wrong sides together) 1 inch and sew.  I like like to use a wider zigzag stitch right along the edge of the fabric.  You can use a fun colored thread to add some contrast to the pant here as well.

5 – Thread elastic and finish

Turn the waistband down 1.5 inches. Pin.  Using a medium zigzag sew along edge of waist starting at a seam and stopping 2 inches short of completing the seam.

Using a safety pin pinned on one end of the elastic – thread the elastic through the waistband (taking care to keep the other end exposed).  Sew elastic Ends together.  Sew opening closed.  Trim thread and Voila!  You completed the free child pants patterns!

Download the free pattern, tutorial below!

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here– it is the ONLY reader I recommend. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the picture of the pattern envelope to download the .pdf !  Fleece Fun’s patterns are free and this site will never ask for your credit card information. Easy Fleece Pants size 3 mo to 6 Months download
Easy Fleece Pants size 9 mo to 24 Months download


Free Child's pants sewing pattern. It comes with a video tutorial - love those! Great DIY idea for winter sewing. Love this fleece sewing project. Perfect free child pants patterns


  1. I am in no way a master at sewing and I have had trouble with patterns in the past, but I have a tall baby (she is 22 months and is 42″ tall) so finding pants, shorts, etc is not easy. So with my new sewing machine I printed out your pattern and found it to be the best thing in the world. I lengthened the pants a little and made a bermuda short length and was able to make 2 pants out of my husbands old t-shirt in less then 30 minutes. I am not obsessed with making these and have raided his closet for more shirts! Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. I love your website and all of your patterns, ideas, etc… You are really talented and very creative. I recently took out my sewing machine to try and make some of these cute, fleece pants for my nieces. I have cut out the patterns for the 12month/2T size and the 4T/5T size. However, I was wondering if there’s anyway I can make a size 6 or size 8 from the patterns you have. Would you ever consider making patterns for those sizes? Thanks you any advice you can offer.

    1. Hi Sabrina!
      6 or 8 would require a longer leg. The rise on the 5t pattern is quite high so that wouldn’t need to be adjusted much. I am planning on doing large sizes in the future, but not immediately. For a size six, jut lengthen the leg a few inches – and 8 would require a little more adjustment to the waist and rise. I will hopefully get to more sizes in a couple of months.

  3. Hi,
    I recently purchased a serger but am still learning how to use it. I know it is good for knit fabrics. Could I use it for this pattern? I want to make pajama pants for my nieces and can use my sewing machine but thought my serger might be quicker and easier with knit. Thanks!

    1. Hi Leah,
      I confess I am envious of your serger, I don’t have one! I believe that this pattern should work just fine with your serger. I’ve made this pattern from knit using a sewing machine and it worked great – my guess is that it would be be even better on a serger.
      Your nieces are lucky to have such an awesome aunt,

  4. Thanks for this pattern! I’ve tried patterns on the internet before with very little luck, but I figured I’d give this one a go. I made size 3T for my 15 month old daughter who wears cloth diapers. And though the legs are a bit long, otherwise it fits beautifully! Now she has pants for the winter that she can grow into. I made a second pair with a cuff at the bottom in a contrasting fabric. 🙂

    1. Hi Sara!
      The pattern is already laid out to work with your printer – so select actual size (for 8.5 by 11 paper)
      – Angel

  5. I love this pattern. I am new to sewing so this question could be related to operator errorLOL I made a pair of these pants for my 1 yr old and struggled with the zig zag stitch my thread kept breaking and I would have to re thread the machine and this would leave an ugly “skip” in the hem. Do you know why my thread might be breaking should I be using a different tension, than what my machine automatically sets for the zigzag stitch? Otherwise I love the pattern, so easy to follow. Thank you!

    1. Hi Lori,
      it could be a few different things. 1 – be sure that you are not forcing the material under the foot (meaning pushing or pulling it) only guiding it. 2 – You could be using a needle that isn’t the right size for the cloth you are working on – it should be a medium weight needle. Double – triple check that you machine is threaded properly, skipping a single step of the threading process can seriously through off the tension. 3 – Make sure your bobbin is loaded properly.
      Hope that helps,

  6. Thanks so much for this pattern. My baby boy is turning one next month, we are having a giraffe themed party for him. I could not find giraffe print pants for little boys any where! So I’m making him some with this pattern!

  7. I am sewing my boys costumes this year and they ar both ninja’s. I used your chilrens fleece pants pattern for the pants and was wandering if you had a shirt pattern that would work, maybe a v-neck pajama shirt and i could make the sleeves a little loose to match the costume. If you don’t have anything can you leed me in the right direction. Got to have these done by friday.

    Thanks, Jim

    1. Hi Jim,
      I don’t but you may want to check website like or to see if they have what you need.
      Good Luck!

  8. I am excited to have discovered this site. My sewing machine and I have gotten to be good friends lately and I love easy patterns that I can ‘mass produce’. My grandsons will be sporting some fun pants for the holidays.

  9. Thanks a lot for that tutorial, that is so simple to use, and that will be use really often I think. I would just add an advice to the other sewers : check the length for your child, as the patterns were a bit too shorts for my daughters. You can see pictures on my blog : ! See you soon !!

  10. Hello.

    The pattern is really easy to make but I am having trouble with the sizing. I made the 4t/5t and they fit my 2 year old who wears a 18 month. ( had to make them a little shorter in the crotch to waist) I just made the 5/6 for my son who is 4 years old (wearing 5t) and they were to tight in the crotch and hips. I double checked how the pattern was printing and it was at normal (100%) Any suggestions??

    1. Hi Julia,
      It’s really hard to get the sizing right for everyone – so sometimes my patterns don’t fit perfectly. One quick fix is to sew them using a .25 inch seam allowance ( instead of a .5 inch) and that will instantly give you more room in the hip/ rise area.
      – Angel

  11. I love your site Angel! Especially the children’s hats. 🙂

    I’ve been using a different pants pattern to go over my son’s cloth diapers but I’m going to try your’s now and see how I like it too. Using the other pattern, I made a pair of girly pants for a friend’s daughter and instead of making a regular hem at the bottom, I stretched the fleece and did a zigzag stitch overcasting the edge and that gave it an adorable “girly” look. That would be a great option for your pants here too!!

    I wanted to attach a picture to this but I wasn’t sure how to. 🙁

    1. Hi Rachel!
      You are welcome to post your picture to Fleece Fun’s Facebook Page! I would love to see it. Thanks for sharing!
      – Angel

  12. Have you ever made a top to match? I’m thinking about making the kiddo’s pj’s instead of buying Carter’s since they’re gotten SO expensive! Thanks!

    1. Hi Amy,
      that’s a great idea, but unfortunately it’s not the docket for this year. =( But I will seriously consider it for the future!
      – Angel

  13. I also have the problem that the size 4T is too tight in the hips thigh area. Any other suggestions besides a smaller seam allowance? I know I won’t be able to do that

  14. Hi, Angel – Love these patterns. One question: I cut out the basic pant in a 24 month/2T size and then , since my grand daughter is tall for her age, decided to add the boutique pant ruffle. So I cut out the 2T pattern in the boutique pant. It seems to be quite a bit larger — nearly an inch wider — than the same size in the basic pant. Now I’m worried that the basic pant pattern I cut out will be too small for her. Why the descrepancy?

    Thank you.

    1. There isn’t a discrepancy they are just different patterns with different fits. My suggestion is that if you are concerned about the sizing of the basic pant is to sew it with a smaller seam allowance or make the next size up. =)
      – Angel

  15. Love that you’re sharing this pattern! Thanks a lot! I will add that I find it easiest to hem the cuffs before sewing anything else. Makes it very easy 🙂

  16. Can this pattern be used with equal success if using denim? I like to use old adult jeans as the fabric for the children’s pants, recycling, as it were.

    1. You would need to finish the edges of the denim to prevent fraying on the interior seams. You would also need to make the waist band taller so you could turn it under, rather than just sew a zig zag along the edge. The truth is if you are familiar with working with denim and modifying patterns it is possible. However if you are new to sewing or pattern modifying it won’t work very well. Good luck!

  17. Good morning! Thanks for the great pattern and even better tutorial! I can’t believe I made two pairs of pants LAST NIGHT! I was even so proud I showed my husband who was all like “Yep…those are pants!” Anyway….the pants I made are going to make great baby gifts…I can’t wait for the shower!

    Ok so here is my question — why when I cut out the pattern is there a point up on the left hand side of square #1? When I cut this it was weird and when I finished the waist band I ended up cutting the point off.

    Was I suppose to do something with it? Was it necessary? Like I said, this was my first pair of pants to make so maybe this is something important and I totally messed up!

    Anyway, thanks again!


    1. Kim,
      that’s just to make the rear a little higher in the back for a babies that tend do a lot of sitting and scooting. It’s not crucial to the design – the pants will work fine without it. It’s just to make the fit a little better. =) Glad you’re enjoying making the pants.
      – Angel

  18. Hi.
    I love these pants, I made a pair of Flannel PJ’s for my 5 yr old, and she loves them, but I have been trying with fleece and they don’t sit as nicely around the hip and waist area, I was wondering if I had done something wrong?

  19. Thanks a lot for all the patterns, I have my first grandson and now I can sew by myself clothes for him. I will be happy if you add more patterns for a newborn.



  20. I’m new to sewing and this has been a fantastic tutorial – gave me the confidence to try my first pair of pants! My son has big thighs and a big cloth diaper bum. After making the 12-18 mo pattern exactly as stated, I’ve needed to make some modifications to make the bum and rise bigger. Back to my sewing machine tonight – I think it will work!

  21. Do you think this pattern would work for wool pants?? I really want “longies” for my son. I’ve heard fleece pants are good for cloth covers as well…. Do u know anything about this?

    1. I’ve made several pairs out of different materials, mostly cotton or fleece, and a few pairs of corduroy (those were fun)! These were all gifts so I hope they work. I haven’t heard anything back yet.

      I’ve also adapted the pattern to make doll pants for an 18 inch doll and my step daughter and nieces loved those! They were made from cotton, so I think most fabrics will work.

  22. So I decide to try this pattern non-wool first… The pattern and directions are great!! But the sizing is not so good…. My daughter is 3 yrs old 31lbs and skinny and linky. So I made the size 4t/5t and it was small! Very tight around her little butt and very short in length. So next time I will go up 2 sizes! The 4t/5t is more like a 1t/2t

  23. Love this pattern. I need to make a few pairs of size 10. Can I just add a few inches to the 7/8 pattern all the way around. Then I was thinking about folding a size 10 pair and looking to see if I added enough to the pattern. Do you think this will work?

  24. I was pretty sad to find out these patterns were not the correct sizes for either of my boys. I even went up a size for my youngest but they were way too tight in the thighs. Hery easy to follow instructions though for a beginner.

  25. Hello, I recently tried the 12-2T pants for my son.. I have an issue.. My son is in cloth diapers.. So the space from the the bottom of the ‘U’ needs to be bigger.. because of the cloth diapers. I will be using this pattern a lot but i want to know how to solve that issue.. do i need to make the top part bigger?

    Elizabeth Halfman-Brown

    1. It’s hard to help with out me being able to look at your machine. My advice is take a test peices of you cloth and try playing with the tension and stitch length to see if you can find the sweet spot for your machine and fleece.
      Hope that helps,

  26. I am basically a begginer sewer, but have had some experience in the past. Your 5/6 pattern barely fits my 3 1/2 yo! I originally cut out for my 5 yo, but quickly realised it would better fit my younger daughter. My girls are taller than average but was suprised that my younger daughter just fits into the 5/6 (shes a 4t bottom). Also, it is tight through the hips/buttocks. The 5/6 will not work for my 5 yo at all, even if I lengthen the pants. I don’t know if you noted the inches (waist, hips, length) in your instructions, but would be very helpful. Thank you so much for the free pattern, I will just have to make some adjustments!

    1. I found that I cut the printed pattern out incorrectly at first and didn’t leave enough seam allowance. Did you happen to watch the tutorial on how to piece together the pattern? 🙂 I recommend it.

  27. I really wanted this pattern to work for me, but unfortunately it did not.

    Both of my children are really skinny–I turned to this pattern to because I cannot buy fleece pants long enough that still fit in the waist. Before I started I was concerned about the lack of ease for the butt–since the front and back of the pants leg are symmetrical I wondered it the fabric would tug across the butt. Sure enough, this is exactly what happened. The finished pants had a lot of excess fabric in the front but tugged across the butt. Maybe this is OK for little-little ones, but for a 6- and 8-year-old it didn’t work.

    The sizing was also very off. My daughter is 8 but wears a 6 or 7 on bottom to fit the waist. The size 7/8 was way too small in the waist and butt–even smaller than a pair of 5/6 sweatpants from the Gap that fit her. My son is 6 and wears 5 slim pants, and the 7/8 were too small even on him.

    So for very young/small children this pattern will likely work, but unfortunately it did not for my older kids. I guess I have to buy a pattern for fleece pants after all! 😉 Thanks for posting these, though. It is a great pattern for some, but sadly not for us.

  28. I LOVE these pants! I’ve never sewn pants before and I’d love to do it again. You’re right…fleece IS fun, and forgiving! After reading that your pattern ran “short”, I added 3 inches to the 2T-3T pattern for my very tall daughter and turned up a 1″ hem twice. They turned out just right! Best thing about these is that you can add length if you need to. Measure twice, cut once!

  29. I cannot get the patterns to open so I can print them. Adobe says the file is damaged. I have tried other patterns on the site as well and get the same message. I would love to be able to make some of these pants and hats for my daughter. 🙁

  30. I am an avid and experienced sewer but love giving quick and easy patterns a try (I love all your patterns I’ve mad so far) to make my life easier. However, as Vinkadog and a few others have mentioned these sizes are WAY off.

    I printed out the 7/8 for my 6 yr old thinking they’d be a nice size (like the ruffle bottom pants) and they fit more like a 4/5. She could barely get them on and they were about 6 inches too short. She’s very thin and a little taller than average.

    I was very bummed with this pattern and I hope (based on everyone’s comments that had trouble) you’d consider revising these sizes to match more of the ruffle pant 🙂 As always though, thank you for taking your time to give us your wonderful patterns and tutorials!


  32. I just made these as fancy-dress pants for my daughter (she wants to be a deer – brown fleece), thanks!!! A tip about sizing – I didn’t try the printed patterns, I actually took a pair of pants that I know fit well at the moment, and traced around one leg completely (stretching the elastic to get the full cloth size). The I added half an inch to the inside leg, and a whole inch at the top and leg ends. This I then cut from the fleece folded double, pinning the outside leg side along the fleece fold. So I knew the pants would fit, and they do! The tutorial video was great by the way, thanks loads! 🙂

  33. Hi Angel

    I really enjoy making your new updated children’s pants size 5/6 for my daughter. The extra room is great for active kids. I noticed that the updated 5/6 pattern is bigger than the 7/8 pant pattern. My older daughter would love a pair of these comfy fleece pants too. Will you be also updating the 7/8 kids pants pattern?

    Thank you for all your wonderful patterns it’s inspired myself to sew again and now my daughters 6 & 8 years old are sewing too.


    1. Hi Jodi!
      So happy that it worked for you – yes updating that pattern is on my massive list of things to do. I should have that in a couple of weeks! Love to hear that your girls are sewing.
      – Angel

  34. I just love making these pants for my grandchildren. I see that the child size 7/8 are still in the old style pattern. Will you be updating that soon. My grandsons no longer fit the size 5/6 and they just love these pants. Thanks again for sharing these patterns. Love them.

  35. This is a great pattern. My son wears 2t and the pattern is a little small, so next time I will make the 3t. I’ve never made clothing before and it turned out great! Thanks for the pattern…can’t wait to make more pants!

  36. I recently found your pattern via Pinterest. I just have to say it’s the best thing I have ever found!!! I decided to make matching Christmas pajamas for my two sons, and 5 nephews (no nieces). I’m not an expert by any means, but I was able to whip out 6 pair in a few hours!! I would have made the 7th, but ran out of fabric and need to go for more 🙂 I certainly appreciate the video tutorial! It was extremely helpful! I will now make “comfy pants” for my kids, now that I know how! No need to go buy them!! And I look forward to exploring your other patterns as well! Thanks again!!

  37. I’m so excited to try your pattern. I haven’t made clothes in so long, so I’m happy to get started again. Thanks for the great tutorial!!

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