How to make a High Heel Christmas Stocking

Learn how to make a high heel Christmas stocking with this DIY.  I love this high heeled Christmas stocking tutorial. This holiday DIY idea isThis chic Christmas stocking is simple to make.

Materials you will Need:

Printed out version of the free pdf pattern
1/2 yard, cotton satin or fleece for exterior
1/2 yard cotton, satin or fleece for interior
1/4 yard fur for cuff
6 inches ribbon
a little bit of batting


Sewing Essentials (scissors, pins, etc.)

Sewing Machine

How to make a High Heel Christmas Stocking

Step 1 – Cut out the Following

You will need to assemble the pattern.  For instructions on how to assemble the free sewing pattern click here.

Print up the pattern (you can get assembly instructions here) .

Cut out 2 of the stocking .

Cut out two of the lining in the same size.

Cut out 4 of the cuff. ( 2 of the main fabric and 2 of the lining.)

To cut out the fur draw an outline of the cuff and then cut out the pieces for a more accurate cut ( be sure to flip the pattern over to cut out one)

Tip:  To save money on fabric use a less expensive white muslin for the lining and underside of the cuff.

Step 2 – Begin to Sew

[Place right sides of the stocking together, and using  a .25 inch (.6cm) seam allowance sew all the way around the stocking leaving the top open.

Do the same for the lining.

Trim the toe and snip slits along curves ( taking care not to cut through the seam) Turn exterior stocking right side out, take a little bit of batting in the heel.  Leave lining with right side in.  Insert lining into stocking – wrong sides should be together, set aside.

Step 3 – Make the Cuff

With right sides together,  sew the sides of the cuff, using a .25 seam allowance. 

Do the same for the cuff lining.

Then with right sides together, place the cuff and the cuff lining together and sew the bottoms together using a .25 seam allowance.
Trim seams and flip right side out.

Step 4 – Bring it all together

Turn the exterior stocking ( the one with the heel right side out).

Make sure that the heel is fully turned.

Next take some stuffing and stuff the heel to a nice firmness. Now place the lining into the stocking so WRONG sides are touching.

Take the hanger, and the cuff.  Fold hanger in half and pin at the seam above the heel on the inside of the stocking – loop should be towards the bottom.

Next take the cuff and place it inside the stocking so the right side is facing in (the right side (fur side)  of the cuff should be touching the lining side of the stocking).

Using a .25 seam allowance sew all the way around the top of the stocking. 

Then flip cuff right side out  and you’re finished

Get the Free Sewing Pattern Below:

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the picture of the pattern envelope to download the .pdf !



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