Pirate Party Game: Captain Hook’s Ring Toss – Free Printable

Avast you scurvy dogs!  Ye be wanten’ some games to play with your band of pirates?  I love this pirate party ring toss game with free JUMBO printable. It's perfect. Plus i love her step by step DIY directions - such a great pirate party idea. Love this.Here be what you need.  Inspired by several ideas from the web  – here are detailed instructions on how to make a Captain Hook’s ring toss with a free over sized printable to make it easy!  Final Size is 28 inches by 41 – but print shops can shrink it if they can’t accommodate the 41 inch size.

For this project you will need:

Fleece Fun’s Free Captain Hood Ring Toss Printable

5 -7 pirate play hooks ( I found mine at hobby lobby , but I am sure you can find them at any party supply store)

Minwax finishing wood cloths ( optional – but it looks cool)

an over-sized piece of foam core (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)

A regular sized piece of foam core.

Duct tape

50′ long 3/8″ manila rope (I bought a package of it at Home Depot)

14 Feet of 1 inch natural rope ( again got it at Home Depot)

Spray on adhesive

Glue gun and glue sticks

X-acto knife, ruler (rotary cutter – optional)



Pirate Party Game: Captain Hook’s Ring Toss Tutorial

Step 1 – Print up the Pirate game

hook game print blankGet the printable printed up.  Because this is large  you’ll need to have it printed at a place that does engineering prints.  I use my local Office Max – you can even upload the file online and then they’ll tell when it’s ready to pick up.  Make sure that what you’re printing is and engineering print and not a full color poster – to print this up it cost me under $4.00 but a color poster would cost me $40.00!  Big difference –  always ask and double check.

Step 2 – Tint the poster

hook pirate game wipesYou can just leave the poster black and white and skip this step.  But this is really easy and fun to do and adds a lot of “character” to the game.  Since the poster is a plain black and white , to give it a more “wood”  look  wipe it with furniture staining cloths.  

pirate party game wipe on

I used Minwax’s stain cloths , they run under $8 have 8 wipes in them and include gloves. (Confession –  I got these for free in a swag bag).   For the game it took about 2 cloths to cover it.  Don’t worry about it being perfectly even – it adds to the look!    

hook game tinted

Let the poster dry for at least 2 hours – I let mine dry overnight.

Step 3 – Mount the print to the foam core

hook game glued an dcut outUsing the spray on adhesive spray the wrong side of the print and glue it to the foam core.  Once the adhesive is dry.  Cut away an excess foam core on the sides using either your x-acto knife or rotatory cutter.  Save the excess you cut – we’ll be suing it. Tip:  I like to use a rotary blade that’s starting to get too dull for fabric use – by using it on foam core it will definitely be too dull to use again.

Step 4 – Cut holes for the Captain’s “hooks”

pirate game holesTo make the hooks more sturdy and to make it so the game can collapse down easier we’re going to cut holes.  Using on of your store bought pirate hooks as a template figure out where you would like to place them on the board and trace the bottoms of them with a pencil ( note don’t put a hook near the edge – we need a place to put the supports).  This will be where you will need to cut holes with your x-acto knife to place the hooks in.  Cut out the holes.   Test the holes to make sure the hooks will sit in there.   Tip:  It is always better to cut too little than too much – you can always go back and shave it down more if you need to.  Take the pirate hooks out – we’ll put them back later.  Set aside.

Step 5 – Make the supports

pirate party pitch fro game1
Using a standard size piece of foam core, cut it in half on the diagonal.    To give the board a slight “pitch” Cut off the short side of the triangle at an angle ( see photo).  Cut the same angle on the other piece so they are identical. Note – I cut off a little bit, tested it, then cut off a little bit more to get the angle I wanted. 

pirate measure for knotches

 Now draw a line about a quarter of the way in from the top on the longest angled side, about two inches long and draw another line a quarter of the way in from the bottom.  Draw the same marks on the other piece in the same spots.  Using your x-acto knife cut out notches big enough to slide in a piece of foam core.  Check to see that it will fit using once of the pieces cut off from the front board.( should be a tight fit).  You should have two notches in each of your two back pieces for a total of four notches.

Step 6 – Attach the back supports

pirate game board placementUsing duct tape we’re going to attach the back supports.  

pirate game board out

With the printed side face down, line up the shortest side of the triangle  with the bottom of the  of the board ( note make sure that it is the bottom of the board on the printed side).  Using your ruler, draw a line down the side to give you a straight point of reference.  

pirate game duct tape side 1With the triangle pointing out, the straight side toughing the board, tape down into place.  Then “flip” triangle over, tape down again on the to her side.  

pirate party game cut

Snip the tape of the top of the triangle ( on the second side) to the  triangle will fold flat.  

pirate game fold in

Repeat on the other side.  With triangle pointed out.  

pirate party game test

Insert your cross boards and test out our stand.  

pirate party game standing test

Once you’re happy with it, remove the back cross boards, fold in the triangles, and lay the board flat to finish decorating the Captain Hook Pirate Game.

Step 7 – Glue on the rope

pirate party game rope glue onWith board flat, glue the 1 inch rope all the way around the edge to finish the look.  Use the remainder to be the line from which you throw.  Pop the Hooks back in and you are set to go!  (Tip:  the pirate hooks I got swiveled in the cup – so I hot glues them so they wouldn’t rotate).

Step 8 – Make the rings

pirate party rope assembleUsing the 3/8 rope, cut 14 inch sections and join together using duct tape.  Make 12 to 15 rings.

Download the Printable here:

Click Photo of the gamer to download the file.  For personal use only, not for sale or mass distribution.  This is on “loan” only you have no rights to resell or distribute this artwork.  Files is on the large side – be patient.This Easy Pirate Party game is fun for kids and adults!. Step by Step tutorial plus a free jumbo printable to make putting it together a breeze.

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This Easy Pirate Party game is fun for kids and adults!. Step by Step tutorial plus a free jumbo printable to make putting it together a breeze.



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