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An index of all of the Free Baby Patterns available on Fleece Fun.

Babies are so much fun to sew for!  I love this HUGE collection of free baby sewing patterns and tutorials. Love all these DIY ideas.Here you’ll find all kinds of baby sewing projects.  From quick ideas for a baby shower gift to projects that take time and heart.  There is something here for every level of sewist.Please be sure to read through Fleece Fun’s terms of use and take a quick look on how to assemble the patterns.  Also while you’re here check out all the wonderful free printables and recipes too.  Enjoy!

Baby Car Seat Canopy  – Fleece Fun original (With Video)

This is new take on the classic canopy pattern, the sides wrap around the outside of the handles so the blanket doesn’t hang down on the baby.  This pattern included a video tutorial in addition to written instructions to walk you through it.  Cover can be made from other fabrics besides fleece.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.

 Traditional Baby Car Seat Canopy 

This is the traditional take on the car seat canopy/tent.  Pattern has a nice curve to it so it looks a little more streamlined than regular square cut covers.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

No Sew Baby Car Seat Canopy

No lie, no sewing needed to make this cute car seat cover.  You can make it a wrap around style or traditional. Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Baby Car Seat Canopy with Window

This baby car seat canopy/ tent pattern had a “peek – a-boo” window to check on your little one without disturbing them. Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Fleece Vest

Oh my gosh! This child's fleece Vest pattern comes in sizes baby to 12 years and it's FREE! It looks really easy to sew too! Love this!!!This is the basic vest that is the base for the costume variations.  Cute, warm you’ll little one can wear it for Halloween and beyond!  Sizes 3 months to 12 years!  Get the free pattern here.

Vest: Tummies and Tales

I love this idea for an easy ( and warm) Halloween costume, plus the pattern is FREE. Love!Take the fleece vest to a whole new level by adding a tummy and tail to it to give it a warm Halloween look!  Get the free pattern here.

Baby Tee Pattern and Tutorial

78boy tee-11_editThis sweet long sleeved baby tee is the perfect staple to your little one’s wardrobe.  Get the step by step tutorial here.


Child’s basic Fleece Pants (With Video)

Perfect for pajamas, lounging and playtime.  These pants work great for boys and girls. These pants can also be made from jersey knit. Video tutorial makes this easy pattern a snap.  You can make several in one sitting. Sizes 3 months to 5T.  Fleece Pants – free child pants patterns” href=””>Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.

Boutique style fleece pants (with video)

These pants are so cute, everyone will think you got them from a boutique.  Fun and girly your little girl will love dancing in them.  Sizes 3 months to 5t ( and an 18″ doll size too!).  Pants can be made from fleece or jersey knit.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.

Fun and Frilly skirt

Bouncy, ruffely and frillly this skier is pure fun.  Looks great in pictures paired with the mini top hat!  One of the “fleece free” patterns this is made from tulle and cottonGet the Free pattern and tutorial here.

Back to School Pleated Skirt (with video)

Perfect pleats and design make this skirt and instant classic. Can be made from fleece or jersey knit.  Sizes 12mo to 5T.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.


Easy Superhero cape

easy super hero cape 2This superhero cape is fun, comfortable and can double as a blanket in a car seat.  The cap fits around the shoulders and not the neck for safety and comfort.  You can get the tutorial here.

Baby bib with or without a pocket (With Video)

How to make baby bib free patternYou can make a baby that has a generous size – great for catching messes!  this free bib pattern can be made with or without a pocket , with multiple ways to latch the bib – making it perfect for your little one.  Get the free Pattern and video tutorial here.

Muslin or Double Gauze Baby Bib DIY Tutorial

This soft baby bib is perfect for sensitive skin. Get the free pattern and step by step tutorial here.

Sweet Christmas Bib

lu lu bib Celebrate the holidays with this perfect Christmas bib. Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Halloween Hat Pack (with video)

This pattern is full of fun character hat variations that will look adorable on your little one!  Be a dinosaur, a viking, a cat or bear.  This pattern is simple and easy to sew.  The possibilities are endless! Sizes baby to adult.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.

Halloween Hat Pack 2

The latest addition to popular Halloween Hat pack!  Be a Owl, Bug, Puppy, Bunny, frog or Monkey!  Sizes Baby to Adult.  Get the free Pattern and tutorials here.

Halloween Hat Pack 3 Monster Mash

Easy fleece hat hh3 This Hat Pack is perfect for your little monster. Get the free Pattern and tutorial here.

Basic Hat with Ribbon (with video)

One of Fleece Fun’s most popular patterns – because it’s just so cute!  Switch out the ribbons to go with different outfits.  Scared of buttonholes?  There are easy sew options for this pattern to make it even simpler.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.

 Basic Hat with Top Knot

Another twist on the classic hat pattern, this little top knot ties off the hat perfectly. Get the Free pattern here.

 Basic Hat with horns (with video)

The simple version of the hats in the Halloween hat pack.  this hat is easy and perfect for your little monster.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.

Baby Chin Strap Hat (with video)

baby chin strap feature

This tutorial shows you how to make this adorable (and reversible) baby hat with a chin strap.  Baby won’t be able to pull it off, keeping them nice and warm when going out into the cold!  This tutorial also gives tips on how to work with cuddle fabric (great for people who haven’t worked with it before).  Get the Free Pattern and video tutorial here.

Fast and Easy Burp Cloth (with video)

fast and easy burp cloths feature

These burp cloths are fast and fun to make!  If you want to make something quickly for a baby shower these are great.  They also are simple enough to be a good first sewing project.  Get the Free tutorial and video here.

Boutique Burp Cloth / Binding for Beginners (with video)

binding for beginners boutique burp cloth feature

These burp cloths are long, different and have a great shape that stays on the shoulder.  The video tutorial is also great for teaching you how to do machine binding!  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Receiving blanket / How to Sew and Flip  (with video)

sew and flip feature

You can make a Sew and Flip Cuddle receiving blanket.  This step by step tutorial is perfect for beginners.  Be sure to watch the video to fully understand the process!  Get the Free tutorial and video here.


Easy Block Pillow  (with video)

pillow featureThis cuddle pillow is cute and easy to make.  This is part of the “Nesting the Nursery” series where I take a cuddle strip kit and a few extra materials to make several items for baby!  Get the free tutorial and video here.

Baby Busy Tag Blanket (with video)

taggie blanketfeatureYou can make a cute ribbon baby tag blanket with cuddle fleece!  This easy step by step tutorial will show you how you can make on of these fun blankets.  Get the free tutorial and video here.


Softie Baby Block (with video)

baby blocks featureMaking a soft baby block is easy using this step by step tutorial. Get the free tutorial and video here.

Diaper Bag

diaper bag featureBrought to you by a Fleece Fun Guest post – Creative Seams.  This bag is great for when you are on the go!  You can get the free pattern here.

Monster Mash Up

monsterDesign your own monster softie with these mix and match elements to make this creature your own. Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.

Sunshine Softie

feauture horizontalThis will brighten your little one’s day!  This sofite has rays that crinkle and a bell that dings to amuse your little one.  Get the free pattern here.

Toddler Bean Bags

beanbagsglam1Fun and vibrant bean bags that kids can play with.  Ribbon on it makes it easy to grab.  Get the tutorial here.

Matching Game durable game made from cloth that your little one will love to play over and over again.  Get the tutorial here.

Baby Letter Blocks

abc baby blocks feature imageThese cute and sturdy blocks are fun to play with and great for pictures. Get the free template and tutorial here.


Softie Baby Block (with video)

baby blocks featureMaking a soft baby block is easy using this step by step tutorial. Get the free tutorial and video here.


Sloth Buddy

FeaturedThis slow and sleepy guy is perfect to cuddle with for nap time.  Get the tutorial here.

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  1. I love the blog and patterns! Especially the children’s winter hat patterns. I am looking for a mitten pattern that is relatively straight-forward (like the hat pattern is straight-forward). Any chance you have a mitten pattern in the future? Or can recommend a pattern? I currently make the hats for a few local charities and would love to add mittens to my donation. Here in the Northeast (Albany, NY), both are a necessity. thanks, Lisa Fox

      • I’m a grandmother and trying to sew a pair of Santa outfit for my friend’s twin gransons 5 months old! I used ur Santa hat pattern it was so useful I like to thank u for it . ıt made my life much easier. I made the trousers as well…
        But I’m stuck with the jacket! Is there any possibility that u put a. baby jacket pattern?
        Thank u for ur time .. Zeynep the Granny

  2. Since we’re on the topic of request patterns, would you happen to have or be willing to put one up for baby booties? I’ve watched many YouTube videos but can’t find a pattern anywhere. I absolutely love you site! Sincerely Cassandra from Ottawa Ontario, Canada.

  3. I have your hat with ribbon pattern and was just here looking for a simple mitten pattern – I’ll be looking forward to it! Thanks for providing great, easy to make patterns!

  4. Hello! I love your site it’s really cool. I wonder if you’ve made a fleece baby grow jumpsuit before? (with hood, all in one)? I’m not that great at sewing so it would be great to see it on your site perhaps with tips etc!

    Thank you

  5. Hi,
    Thank you SO much for the pants video, I can’t wait to get started! I’ve been really wanting to make them with a cotton stretch(knit) pattern, am I able to do this following the same guidelines you would use for the jersey knit? The jersey knit isn’t warm enough for winter months and fleece is just a bit bulky to make a bunch of pants out of it. Any tips for how to make them using a regular cotton knit would be much appreciated. Thanks for the pattern!

    • Hi Yvonne,
      You can get those cuddle strip kits at local boutique fabric stores that carry Shannon Fabric. You can also find them on Amazon and on

  6. Thank you very much for all the patterns, really easy to print and compose the way you designed them and gives a great result!

  7. I have a fleece baby blanket that my deceased mother-in law started. She had the squares cut out and each corner of the squares were cut out also. I think she was going to fringe it, but I don’t understand how to sew it together without holes in each corner.??? can you help me?

  8. Just finished the car seat canopy. It looks awesome. It’s exterior is black/white zebra fleece and interior is hot pink/lighter pinks of a type of chevron flannel. My first grandchild is expected any day now and she will feel all snuggly in her car seat on the way home. Thanks for the tutorial, pattern. It turned out great.

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