Handmade Gifts for Kids

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Sometimes finding that “just right gift” is hard for little ones. making a perfect handmade gift seems an almost impossible task. Here’s a bunch of wonderful ideas of handmade gifts that you can make your little one that they will use and play with!

  1. handmade-gifts-for-kidsDress Up Headquarters via A Turtle’s Life for Me
  2. Mason Jar Superhero Banks via Fireflies + Mud Pies
  3. DIY Geoboard with Fabric Loops via Crayon Box Chronicles
  4. DIY Marshmallow Guns via Lil Luna
  5. Pretend & Play Mail Carrier Kit via Twelve Crafts Till Christmas
  6. Doll Robe Free Pattern via Fleece Fun
  7. Glamorous Hobby Horse via Attempting Aloha
  8. DIY Pizza Shop via Lemon Tree Creations
  9. Doll Basic Pants Pattern via Fleece Fun
  10. DIY Child’s Sewing Kit via Chez Beeper Bebe
  11. Boutique Style Doll Pants via Fleece Fun
  12. A-Frame Pup Tents via Lindsay & Drew
  13. Sleeping Bag Pack for Doll & Child via Fleece Fun
  14. Super Hero Fort Kit via Meg & Andy
  15. Tiered Doll Skirt Tutorial via Fleece Fun
  16. DIY Minecraft Creeper Shirts via Lil Luna
  17. Sunshine Softie Doll Toy via Fleece Fun
  18. Pillow Chaise for Kids via Grandma’s Briefs
  19. Kids Art Apron via Obsessively Stitching
  20. Toddler Bean Bags via Fleece Fun
  21. Finger Puppet Kit via Alanna George
  22. Sloth Blankie Buddy via Fleece Fun
  23. Play Teacher Kit via Make the Best of Everything

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