Women’s Fleece Vest Pattern (Free)

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This Women’s fleece vest pattern ( which is free) is super easy to make – two seams to sew and you’re finished.  Or skip the sewing all together and use a special glue! Because this pattern requires you to fold the fabric a special way please read all the instructions first before cutting your fleece!  With flattering lines – this continuous piece of fabric makes for a flattering draped collar.

For this project you will need the following:

2.5 Yards of Fleece (this will not work with minky or coral fleece it must be blizzard/ polar you can learn more about fleece here. Also Non-directional fabric that looks the same or similar on both sides of it)

Fleece Fun’s FREE pattern (sizes US 4 to 16)

2 pack of double fold bias tape (completely OPTIONAL see instructions to see if you want it or not)

Sewing Essential ( pins, needles, sewing machine,  etc.)

Rotary Blade and Cutting mat (makes for a nice clean cut)


Glue gun and Fabric Sticks

Women’s Fleece Vest Pattern Instructions

Step 1 – Assemble the pattern and cut it down to size

Normally I have just briefly mention putting the pattern together in my instructions – but since this takes the most time and is so crucial for success for this pattern I want you to take you time in putting it together.  If you are unfamiliar with putting my patterns together – you can find instructions here.

Once the pattern is properly assembled cut it to your correct size.

Find your size and coordinating line and cut the pattern down to it. Note you’re pattern will look slightly different than the one pictured due to resizing and redrafting of the pattern.

find the matching pattern and number.

Step 2 – Cut out the free fleece vest pattern

This vest pattern is one large piece.  We need to place the center of the back on the fold.  You will notice that that pattern won’t fit on the fabric with the opposite selvages touching (lengthwise fold).

Unfold the fabric and fold it in half the other way (crosswise fold). So the cut edges are touching. You can see a diagram showing this here.

Place your pattern along the folded edge and pin or weigh down. Since I’m not planning on finishing the edges I like to use a rotary blade to get a clean edge.  While this is optional,

You can see that is gives a a nice clean cut that is important for this pattern.

Continue to cut out the pattern, making sure not to cut on the fold line

You should now have one large half circle piece.

Step 3 – Sew or glue your vest together.

No here’s the easy part!  We need to sew the shoulder seams. Unfold the vest so that the back is laying in the center (right side up).  Line up the should seams (right side touching and the 

Using a .5 inch seam allowance sew the shoulder seam on one side.

Fold over the other side and line up the shoulder seams.  Sew the other side using a .5 inch seam allowance.

Trim the seam down a little so it won’t show while wearing.

Fleece doesn’t fray but it can stretched out of shape.  It’s completely optional but you can finish the raw edges with double fold bias tape if you choose. Where this can be the most helpful is the arm holes.  This is a nice way to finish the garment if you choose.

For the NO SEW version:

The process is very similar.  Unfold the vest piece so the back is in the center – right side of fabric facing up.

Glue each shoulder using a bead of the fabric hot glue between the fabric (try to do it .5 inch in from the edge).  Press the fabric together and allow the glue t cool.  Then trim the seams down.

Turn right side out. Now you’re fleece vest is ready to wear!

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  1. Hi Angel
    I just downloaded and printed the Women’s Fleece Vest
    I think there is a pattern piece missing. It goes from pattern piece 17 to pattern piece 19 – no 18?
    please let me know if this is correct.

  2. Angel. Do you think a serged edge would work to keep the fleece from stretching instead of using bias on the vest. Thanks, Sandy

  3. I love it! Printed it and now on to putting it together! Going to make one for each of my sisters and future daughter-in law!
    Thank you so much!

  4. This is an awesome pattern and I have a lovely piece of blue check fleece that I’ve been holding onto for a special project and your pattern is the one I’ll use, thank you very much

  5. I have a question about the arm stabilizing for the woman’s fleece vest. A previous comment said to serge the edges. The other finish is bias. How is the bias tape applied? Is it sewn on and then turned to the inside and sewn again?


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