18″ Doll Robe free pattern

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Hello all! This is Jess from Gracious Threads, and I am happy to be here again to share another free pattern that can be done in fleece.

Nothing says comfortable like snuggling up in a comfy fleece robe and now your dolly can join you too! Today I am sharing with you a free pattern for  robe that fits American Girl (r) and other 18″ dolls. This robe would make a perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer, and goes really well with the doll sized fleece pants (free pattern here!).


You will need:

1/3 yard of fleece

optional: narrow bias tape or fold over elastic to finish the raw edges

{note: Bias tape or fold over elastic is not the easiest to apply. If you are a beginner sewist, I suggest practicing on some scraps before working on your robe. Of course, fleece doesn’t fray, so you can always just leave the edges raw too!}

Print out your pattern by clicking here or on the image below. To assemble, either trim off the edges around the black boxes OR overlap the margins so that the black boxes are butted up against each other.

Your assembled pattern will look like this:

18 doll robe

Cut out your pieces as indicated on the pattern.


Step 1

With right sides together, sew the back to both front pieces at the shoulder seams.


Step 2

Sew the sleeve into the armslecye (arm opening), right sides together. Repeat with other sleeve. Optional: finish the sleeve edges at the wrists with bias tape or fold over elastic by sandwiching it over the raw edge and stitching.


Step 3

With right sides together, sew the notched edge of the hood, right sides together.


Step 4

Open up the hood, and pin and stitch it to the neckline, right sides together.


Step 5

Sew one underarm/side seam. If you want to finish the raw edges of the robe (hood, front, and bottom hem) do this now in one long stretch. Sew the other underarm/side seam.


Step 6

If you would like to finish the raw edges of the belt, do so now. Tack the belt to the center back of the robe with a straight line of stitching as indicated by the triangle on the pattern.


I would love to see your finished project; please join me in my Facebook group to share your pictures. If you liked this pattern, I encourage you to check out the Gracious Threads shop for more!

Jess DeWit

Jess DeWit

Designer and Founder at Gracious Threads
Gracious Threads began as a place for Jess to share all the sewing she did for her friends and family. It soon grew, as other sewists shared her love for simple, practical clothing for kids. Jess lives with her husband and 3 children on their Canadian dairy farm.
Jess DeWit
Jess DeWit

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  1. Thanks for this awesome pattern! Grandma is getting my daughter an AG doll for xmas, and she has been wanting to help me sew something. She is going to love this……I might have to find a pattern for her too so she can match her doll! LOL

  2. OMGosh…thank you so much for the pattern! My absolute FAVE is sewing doll and children’s clothes. 18″ Dolls are my FAVE; but, I still make a few Barbie Doll clothes. They are harder as my fingers are so arthritic.
    Thanks again! You made my day! =)

  3. This pattern is fantastic, thank you so much for making it available! I am new to sewing doll clothes and this was not difficult even for me, and it fits our AG doll perfectly,

  4. I was wondering if you had a robe pattern for kids? The robe for the american girl doll is so cute I would like to make it for my kids too.

  5. This is exactly what I needed! My kiddos always get jammies for Christmas and this year I’m doing robes too. After finishing up my daughters set today I realized I had plenty of material left to make something that matches for her doll. She will love being able to match her.

  6. What a perfect, easy pattern! I have several granddaughters with 18″ dolls, and will definitely make this!

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