Bonus Craft Tutorial and free printable: Candy Corn bowling!

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I confess I totally stole this idea….. from my four year old!  She was eating candy corn, set them up and said “Look mom I’m bowling!” And then knocked down the pins.  I said “That’s brilliant!” I ran and got a large gum ball and told her to start bowling!  This would make a great classroom or party favors.  The idea is simple and fun!

You Will Need:

The Free pdf printable – available for instant download here

Candy Corn

Large Gum balls


3 by 4 inch bags (can be found in hobby stores)

tape, glue or stapler

Step 1

Print up the free pdf

Step 2

Assemble the bags, with 10 candy corn, 1 gumball and 2 Twizzlers, glue tape or staple the topper to the bag.

Step 3



  1. I think this idea is one of the cutest ideas that I have ever seen. I can’t wait to make it. I want to link into it from my web site. I hope that you don’t mind.

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