Easy Crochet Edge for Baby’s Blanket

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foundation edge

I was pleased when Angel asked if I’d  guest on Fleece Fun for two reasons: 1. I get to share my easy crochet edging method with all of you.  2. I knew I’d get my new grandbaby s blanket completed before he left for college.  This fleece blanket makes up quickly.  The ‘faux blanket stitch’ above gives it a nice finished edge with no fuss.

foundation edge

It also creates a great foundation to embellish upon. (More about that later.)  So let’s get started!

Level: Easy


42″ Square of fleece  (pre-washed)

1 skein soft 4-ply yarn ( I used Simply Soft by Caron)

size ‘G’ hook.

Water soluble pen and scissors.

Ruler or measuring tape.

Wash and dry your fleece.  Although you can use this edging to finish any size blanket that wish to make, I’ve found that 42″ square is a nice generous size and will grow up with baby a bit without crowding the crib.

After cutting  cloth to the desired size, round the corners to make it easier to crochet around.  This is  done by using a saucer or dessert-sized plate 7″-8″ inches across.  Fold the cloth in four and lay the plate face-down near the blanket corners as shown. Trace around the outer corner of plate from edge to edge of blanket using a water soluble pen or as you can see, I used a permanent marker.

With scissors, trim corner along marking line and don’t fret if it is less than smooth and precise.  You will be turning this part under.  (Trust me on this, I’ve made dozens of these.)

Next you need to decide just how you wish to measure, mark and pierce the cloth evenly.  Fleece of course won’t ravel so you could measure and mark it by hand, using a water soluble marker and ruler.  (Don’t use a permanent ink pen here, it will show.)  Mark it  about 3/4″ apart.

sample sitches

My preferred method is to use a fancy machine stitch that repeats regularly.   My machine has several candidates on it.  I played with the size and length of the stitches until I found the one I decided to use.  I chose the very first one  because of the big round loop it makes, though some of the others would work quite well too.


If using the machine, sew the chosen stitch 1/2″ from edge.

A small sharp pair of scissors or seam ripper works well to make the holes.


Next , pierce the blanket and then gently open the holes using a crochet hook.  I used a size ‘G’.

Blanket is now ready to be crocheted.

Faux Blanket Stitch

Slip  (sl) to any hole on side of blanket and chain 2 (represents first single crochet (sc).  *Chain 3, sc in next hole.  Continue down side repeating from*, folding edge under as you go.  At corners it may be necessary to add a ch 1 between the stitches on either side of the corner to keep cloth smooth.  Continue around to beginning and slip to first ch 3, finish off.

You can build on this row using shells or  join me at  ‘Baking Outside the Box’ for a short and simple video tutorial for the Baby Elephant on Parade edging shown above.

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  2. there is a rotary blade that cuts holes so we can make this much easyer its at Nancys Notions I make alot of blankets like this

  3. Admittedly, I don’t know much about crochet, but it sure would be helpful if you could post of picture of the actual “crocheting”

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