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We love to go to the beach during the colder months. There are no crowds. The streets are virtually empty, which means it is also quiet. We ride bikes up and down all the side streets without worrying about sharing the road. The sand is cold between your toes. Building sandcastles while wearing long sleeves and drinking piping hot coffee is something you need to experience at least once.

257b30ee-50cc-4fae-8cfc-22555b242d58A couple of years ago we were strolling along the mostly empty shore when a very tall, very skinny kid dressed in red Spandex and a clown-like nose approached us, running. He was panting and wildly brandishing his camera. He asked if we could take a picture with him for a scavenger hunt. His youth group was hosting a Halloween costume party complete with a scavenger hunt. His friends giggled as he posed with a random family on the beach. I couldn’t let him get away without

1//asking what his costume was supposed to be?!
2//getting a picture myself!

The boys got a huge kick out of this bizarre spectacle.700 x 400 101 souvenirs (PC)

Recording these serendipitous experiences has become the highlight of our travels! Even my little boys are on the lookout during our adventures for unusual sights or events that are worthy of making our “101” lists. We seek more interesting sights because we are looking for them. It helps us all stay present and enjoy the moment while spending time together.

We don’t let ourselves off the hook with “went to the beach.” Oh, no. That is far too ordinary to make our “101”! We are looking for the details that make our excursion our own. Like the time we visited a precious little gourmet shop in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was a “do not touch” store with high shelves of delicate glass containers filled with goodness, and the boys were on their best behavior. There were overflowing trays of products to sample.

I rarely sample anything. Something about being left out all day + other people’s germs + the OCD in me. But, there was this honey. Lavender honey. It was a creamy yellow opaque color wrapped in the most beautifully minimalist packaging with a dainty little logo. I couldn’t resist. I grabbed a tasting spoon and savored the smooth texture and the way it coated the inside of my mouth. As I was placing the used spoon in the basket, I realized that I had grabbed a used spoon to taste?! OH MY GOSH. My worst nightmare. Really. I thought I would gag. On the spot. My sweet children…who only want the best for their mother…laughed so hard when I told them what I had done. They cackled until they cried. My husband took the opportunity to poke fun and tell random strangers for months afterward in conversation. This. This made it to our list.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.10.20 AMWe would likely forget these little details if we did not write them down. (I want to forget the honey incident!) My husband and I started this tradition shortly after we were married in 1999. I was a big scrapbooker then. When I had tons of time and no children. We have lists from all our jaunts. Even if we took a day trip, we would come up with 101 note-worthy events!

In case you’re wondering…Elmo. Skinny Elmo? But, Elmo. Gotta give him credit for originality. I sure hope he won the scavenger hunt.

Download your 101 Snapshots Printable here. Tell me in the comments below…what is one recent adventure you’ve had that is “101” worthy? Are you planning to travel this holiday season? Start now…write down those adventures.

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