New Free Sewing Pattern: The Blogger Bag

how to make a bag

I suffer from a very serious condition.   It’s called “PPB” (profile picture blindness).  Yes that’s a technical name.  I’m pretty sure you’ll see a telethon for it in the near future.  This condition is practically incurable.  I can have an entire conversation with a fellow blogger that I’ve worked with online and not recognize […]

From Cheap to Chic: The prom dress upcycle.

how to upcycle a prom dress feature

I have a conference coming up and one of the fun events is an 80’s themed prom.  Crazy fun right? Well I wanted to find  some fun clothing to wear.  Needless to say formal wear these days is well, wanting.  And personally I like to keep things on the modest side.  And too many prom […]

37 Warm Hat Tutorials

37 Warm Hat tutorials

Baby, it’s cold outside!  Hats are a great way to beat the chill! Save some money and express yourself with these free hat tutorials! Faux Fur Floppy Ears Hat Ribbon Hat  – with video tutorial! Dinosaur Hat – with video tutorial! Pigtail hat Flapper Headband – with video tutorial! Breath of Spring fleece Beanie Fleece hat with […]

New Free Pattern: Fast Hooded Cape

fast long cape tutorial feature

This cape is fast to make ( under and hour ) and can be any length you want it to be!  It’s simple design makes it easy to make and a versatile piece that you can use with several different costumes.  The clever design has the cape curve up in the front to make it […]

Pattern Review – Parade Scarf

shirred scarf feature

This delightful parade scarf is the perfect lazy day afternoon project. By adding in your own colorful fleece, you can create a special piece that will look great all winter long. With  shirring, this pattern creates a beautiful sewing project that is easy to do. You do not have to be an expert seamstress to […]

Pattern Review – Infinity Bow Wrap

bow wrap feature

The Bow Infinity Wrap is a pretty and functional pattern from Fleece Fun – and one that’s very timely as we head into winter and romantic for Valentine’s Day. You will only need some minky fleece or another soft style like micro-fleece, a few tools and your sewing skills to complete this elegant project. Make […]