Free Baby bib pattern pdf with pocket tutorial

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This free baby bib pattern pdf is easy to make and versatile.  Love this bib pattern - actually it's two! One large bib, and one with a pocket to catch food - genius! Plus she has a video tutorial that explains it! Great sewing DIY idea. Love this sewing project. You can make a cute and functional baby bib using a vinyl backed cotton, flannel and/ or terry cloth!

For the bib you will need:

A printed out version of this pattern.
1/2 yard cotton backed vinyl, terry cloth, or flannel (see instructions to decide how much of what material you will need. For the Terry cloth bib you can also use deluxe bar towels) .
ball point pen
thread, needle
Elastic or pony tail holder
Sewing Essentials (scissors, pins, etc.)
Please be very careful when selecting what vinyl to use.  Not all vinyl cloth is baby safe – some emit dangerous fumes.  Please check with your cloth merchant before purchasing.

Video tutorial here – full picture tutorial below:

Free Baby bib pattern pdf with pocket tutorial

1 – Cut out the pattern

You will need to assemble the pattern.  For instructions on how to assemble the sewing pattern click here.

There are multiple ways to make this pattern.  You can make a bib with a pocket, you can make a bib without.  You can make a button hole, elastic or Velcro closure on the strap. Please be sure to prep your cloth (terry cloth, flannel) by washing and drying it before you cut out the pattern.

Decide if you are making one with a pocket or one without a pocket. Cut out 1 of the vinyl and 1 of the flannel or terry cloth).
On the vinyl, just trace around with a pen rather than make additional pin marks.

If you are make a single sided terry cloth bib pin and cut 1.

You can also print up the pattern twice and lay it out as shown in the second picture.

Tip: it’s easy to make several of these at a time – so fold the vinyl cloth over and cut 2 , do the same for the flannel and or terry cloth.  This way you will be able to make multiple bibs.

2 – Adjust the strap length and check against child

I made the strap extra long on the pattern, This way you can adjust it to fit your child perfectly – some kids need the bib right under their chin – others like to have a little more room.  Take the flannel and hold it around the child’s neck and mark the proper length.
If you are doing the elastic enclosure -We’re placing elastic at the end so not much over lap is needed.
If you are using a button hole or Velcro allow for some over lap.  If you don’t have access to the child there are guidelines on the pattern.

Cut the long end of the strap to the proper length, curving the edge so it will look nice. Cut the Vinyl half to the same length.

3- Pin and begin to sew

If you are making the pocket bib: Carefully pin the right side of the vinyl and the right side of the flannel together

At the end of the long strap either pin a loop of elastic of a ponytail holder, sandwiched between the two fabrics.  Be sure that the loop will fit over the button that you will be using.
Sew all the way around the bib using a .25 seam allowance leaving a 2 to 3 inch gap for turning along the bottom.

Note: you can use sew on Velcro instead of elastic and a button – add that after turning the bib right side out.

Note: When pinning the pattern to the vinyl pin very close to the edge of the pattern as the pins leave holes in the fabric.  You want all your pins to fall within the .5 seam allowance you will be sewing with.

Regular bib:  You have the option of either making it double sided (vinyl on both sides) or from 1 (or 2) piece(s) of terry cloth.  If you are making it double sided refer to the pocket directions.  For a bib made from one piece of terry cloth you can use bias tape to finish the edges.  If you want a contrasting look you can use double folded tape to “pinch” the out edge and sew that on (see yellow tape in picture).
You can also use single fold bias tape if you want the edge to be invisible.  Simply unfold one Side of the bias tape, then pin right side together to the bib, following the crease as your seam allowance.  Then fold over the back side of bib and sew along edge to finish.  top stitch if desired.  Got to finishing up for closures to the strap.

4 – Turn, and top stitch

Trim the straps as needed.  Turn the bib right side out.

Tip:  Be careful when turning the straps as the vinyl can stretch.  If you used and elastic loop turning the long strap is easy.  Get a crochet hook and grab the elastic loop at the end of the strap to help you turn it!

Once you have turned the bib completely right side out, top stitch .25 from the edge all the way around the bib – sewing shut the opening you used for turning as you go.

4B – For the pocket style of bib

For the pocket style you have one more step for sewing the pocket.  Fold accordion style from the bottom.  With the fleece side facing you and referring to the dashed line on the paper pattern, fold the first section up so the table cloth side is now visible on the top of the bottom fold, fleece should be touching fleece. pin fleece together.  Now flip the bib over so the table cloth side is facing up.  Referring to the paper pattern fold the bottom up, gently pin on the outside.  You should now have a pocket and only table cloth on the front of the bib.  Sew along top stitching in place forming the pocket.
Tip: to clean out the pocket just flip the pocket inside out.  I wanted to make a pocket bib that wasn’t dependent on snaps or Velcro.

5 – Finishing up

For elastic closure: If you haven’t already add an elastic loop on the long side then sew a button on the short side of the strap.

For button hole – mark button hole and sew on long strap.  Sew button on short strap.
Velcro – Place hook Velcro on the inside of the long strap and loop on the outside of the short.  Place button on top of long strap if desired.
Trim threads and admire your handiwork!

Get the Free Sewing Pattern Below:

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the picture of the pattern envelope to download the .pdf !

You can make a baby bib with this easy pattern and tutorial (Video too!)

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  1. Lovely tutorial. The video and the instructions were very precise and wonderfully written and spoken. Making some for my nephew and this is very helpful.


  2. made a bigger version of the bib for a nursing home for the elderly they love them made them big enough for it to cover their clothes while in a wheel chair keeps their clothes clean thanks

  3. I love everything in this tutorial! The instruction is very well said and done. All of the steps are clearly stated and I think it can be followed easily. No wonder that through this pattern that you have shared many baby bib maker will be inspired to make some/to do so. Thank you for this one and you really did a very great job!

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