How to make a rag quilt (easy beginner’s guide)

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Learning how to make a rag quilt is easy!  Rag quilts are a wonderful for a first time quilting project.  I love this tutorial. Each step has a video to walk you through it - perfect for beginners! Rag quilts are so great to snuggle under. This makes quilting and sewing look easy.They’re simple to make!  This rag quilt uses cuddle or minky fabric for extra warmth.  The combination of flannel and cuddle is wonderful to touch.  This tutorial is geared towards beginners, with several videos that break down the steps to make it easy to follow.

For this project you will need:

2 Packages Girly Girl – 10 Inch Cuddle Charms – 20 Squares
( for the size in the example  used two packages,  this can vary with the block and size of quilt you make).

3 Yards of Flannel (again this can vary – you will need to calculate this to fit the quilt you make)



Ragging Shears (Optional, but highly recommended)

Rotary cutter, ruler and mat (available here)

Walking Foot

Sewing Essentiatls

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How to make a rag quilt (easy beginner’s guide)

Basic Overview Video Tutorial Here, More Detailed Videos Below:

Step 1

How to make a rag quilt a beginner's guide step 1If you plan on using flannel filler, wash and dry the flannel then cut into 10 inch squares

Step 2

How to make a rag quilt a beginner's guide Fleece Fun 7Assemble the blocks to the rag quilt you desire. In the pattern example I’m making a block that is cuddle on the top and bottom with two layers of flannel between.

For a lighter rag quilt you can have minkey on one side and have 2 layers of flannel on the other.How to make a rag quilt a beginner's guide Fleece Fun 6

For a warmer or heavier blanket you can also place a piece of batting between the minkey and flannel.

How to make a rag quilt a beginner's guide Fleece Fun 5
Tip on how to make a rag quilt: For easy and quick assembly make the block the same color on the top and the bottom. Also double check the nap of the fleece to make sure it’s going the same way on both sides of the block.

Step 3

How to make a rag quilt a beginner's guide Fleece Fun 4Sew each individual block to the rag quilt together with a diagonal seam across the block forming an x. When learning how to make a rag quilt – take your time on this step until you get the hang of it.

Design your quilt by deciding on the order of your blocks. In the example my rag quilt is 4 blocks by 5 blocks.

Step 4

How to make a rag quilt a beginner's guide 3 Fleece FunSew each row of the blocks together. For the large blocks of a rag quilt I prefer a ¾ inch seam allowance. Double check the nap to make sure that it’s all going in the same direction on the rag quilt.

Step 5

Sew the rows of blocks of the rag quilt together. Using the same seam allowance as you used on the blocks, sew the rows together. Be sure to fold or press oin the seams out for best results when sewing through thick layers. With thick blocks ( like the one in the example) a walking foot is best for how to make a rag quilt.

Step 6

Time to cut up all your hard work. Using scissors or ragging shears snip the seam allowance about a quarter inch to a half inch apart.
Wash your cuddle quilt to complete the ragging process.

I love this tutorial. Each step has a video to walk you through it - perfect for beginners! Rag quilts are so great to snuggle under. This makes quilting and sewing look easy.You May Also Like:

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  1. Thank you for a great quilt will be making this for my grand kids who are moving to Alaska. And where can I buy this fabric at?

    • Cuddle cloth is more like minky. Fleece and cuddle cloth are like cousins – as they are both synthetic and have similar stretch and knit properties. You can make this blanket out of fleece if you desire.

  2. I can find the “girly girl” kits on Amazon but not the kit with the paisley pattern. Did they quit making the paisley kit?

    • Hmmm, looking at Shannon’s website the kit has the paisley pattern in it. So I’m not sure why the kit you found doesn’t have it. 🙁 I’m sorry I know that doesn’t help. My recommendation would be to ask the seller to confirm whats in the kit. If it is Shannon’s kit, the paisley should be in there according to the description on their website.

  3. I have a question, I would love to make one of these Rag Quilts, I have been collecting Material with owls on it, for a very long time now, but none of them are Flannel its the novelty print material from joann;s will making a rag quilt out of this Material work?
    thank you Norma

    • Regular cotton doesn’t fray as nicely to the soft edges that people expect from a rag quilt. I can work and rag – but it won’t be as soft as the flannel and it won’t rag as nicely. So it’s reaally a matter of taste and what you want.

  4. I just got done making my first quilt and ill tell u its a lot of work! But these rag quilts are so cute and they seem easier and a little quicker. I bet ill make one for my niece!

  5. I want to try this for my daughter who is due in 2 weeks(Dec 10th). Is this fabric your using stretch in any way? We bought some fabric to make her crib and we got the dotted minky. We decided to go with a pack and play instead of a crib and have all this fabric left over, I’m afraid that the cotton and minky won’t go well together and I’ll just make a huge mess of it. Just curious if this is stretch fabric

  6. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I don’t sew a lot. How do you line up the fleece with the flannel so perfectly??

  7. I have made several flannel rag quilts but, trying something new with cotton. Please tell me it will work!? I realize I won’t get the
    same finish but, the material was so darn cute I couldn’t resist! Suppose I could have made a regular quilted one but, not that confident yet! Also- can u use cotton & flannel together in a rag?
    Thanks…LOVE your tuts!

  8. I purchased 100% cotton fabric and flannel to make a rag quilt for my king sized bed. Do you think it will work okay? I am planning on filling the squares with cotton batting not going all the way to the edges. 10″ squares and 8 1/2 inch batting.

  9. You do beautiful work, but I don’t understand why you would put any kind of fabric softener on this because the fabric is already soft. Everything I’ve read of fabric softener is that it remains in the fabric and gums it up and I didn’ t like that next to my children’s skin. Then someone, who ran a cloth diaper service, told me they use vinegar in the rinse cycle to remove all the junk that builds up on the fabric. I have not used anything else since.

  10. Someone else mentioned this same thing, but I do not add any sort of sheets or softener to our laundry and haven’t for years, due to skin irritation issues. I merely use vinegar in my final rinse in my washer, helps to remove static and that’s the purpose of softener originally.
    Another option is to make fabric squares and soak in a mix of half vinegar, half water with several drops of fave essential oil, add one of these fabric sheets to the dryer, these are the fabric dryer sheets I use and they don’t impede the absorption properties of towels and help reduce static cling from the dryer.

  11. Hi’ya.
    Great tutorial! I’m completely new to rag quilts and I love your sewing machine. Mine is vintage and looking for a more modern one. Can you tell me which one you use? Thanks.

  12. Just watched your tutorial… I am so going to try and make this… I bought a simple sewing machine 2 days ago… never sewed in my life!!! Well I started by making a minky blanket with the simple inside sewing. I cant wait to try this rag quilt!!! going to purchase my material tomorrow… Thank you again!!!

  13. I want to make one of the quilts the tutorial was super easy to follow…Here is my question…I am using T-shirts for the outside and wonder if using standard on the inside would turn out an ok product? I have lots of fleece on hand but all my flannel is patterned and I hate to use that. Trying to use up stuff on hand but don’t want to do all the work then it not work out. I did a few squares like this but am concerned about after washing? And should I wash the flannel before use?

  14. Hi! Please reply!! Did you use a quilting machine or a regular sewing machine for this project? Love it!

  15. Hi Angel, I found this on Pinterest and can’t wait to get started on this for my girls. I was thinking is it possible to do this with another fabric besides minky and cuddly and make it more quilt-like? I’m a complete newbie at this and love it.

    Thank you

  16. this would be my first quilt. just purchased 3metres of fleece in 4 different colours, what size squares should i cut. and what are cuddle cakes?

    • Hi Linda!
      Cuddle cakes come in pack of 20 that are 10 by 10 inch squares. Which is about 25.4cm. We’ll round down to 25cm to make it easier. So Cut 25 by 25 cm – you will need to determine the size of blanket you want to make from there. Good luck!

  17. Rag quilts are so easy to make and come out so cute! The cutting part is a huge pain, even with a pair of really sharp snipping scissors. I accidentally sliced through one of my squares in several places while cutting the seams, and I don’t have any more fabric to replace that square! What do you advise to do?

    • Hi Stephanie!
      I’m so sorry – that’s really frustrating. Hmmm… Re sew the seam again across the places you snipped – perhaps even do it twice. Then hand stitch the cut that is past the seam allowance shut so it won’t fray more. That’s my best guess/ advice in that situation.
      – Angel

  18. Great help, still need help, I’m working my first and I didn’t wash any of it. Do I need to take it apart or will it be ok? I’m washing all of the next one, do I have to iron it?

  19. Just wanted to ask, I think I know the answer but just wanted to make sure. Do the ragged edges show up on both sides of the quilt? I didn’t watch all the videos since I am on limited data here. Do you have a pd i can print out with directions?
    We live in a rural area and the internet is slow and no high speed or cable, only satellite 🙁

  20. Hi! I just cut all the pieces for my first rag quilt for my upcoming grandson. My first question was thread color since I have 4 colors and a 5th for the back. Does it matter if I use white? (Light blue, blue plaid, yellow, navy, and a slightly different shade of blue for the back) I have been told medium grey to beige? For sewing together I think white will be okay. When I fan the seams is that nesting the seams, this term sort of confused me. Thanks for your response.

  21. Thank you for sharing! My mom give me all the tool needed to make one. I just need to buy material!

  22. I saw this tutorial a year ago last August and it was the first quilt I had ever sewn. The only thing I had sewn before that was a pair of pj pants. Almost a year has gone by and I have won a 1st place award for one of my rag quilts and I have gifted so many. Thank you so much for this tutorial it has inspired me to love quilting and I just taught my daughter how to quilt and yesterday she made her first rag quilt for her bed. Thank you again!!

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