How to sew and flip: Baby receiving blanket

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sew and flip pintereestYou can make a Sew and Flip Cuddle receiving blanket.  This step by step tutorial is perfect for beginners.  Be sure to watch the video to fully understand the process!


You Will Need:

1 cuddle strip Kit (Note: These kits are no longer available – but a similar kit that includes backing and binding is.  The final size of the quilt is 29″ by 29″  you can view these kits here).

1 Yard of Cuddle Fabric (For Backing)

1 yard and  1/8 Low Loft Batting


Temporary Spray Adhesive

Walking Foot

#90 Stretch needle

Rotary Cutter Ruler and Mat

Sewing Essentials (scissors, pins, etc.)

Sewing Machine

Video Tutorial Here:

1 – Cut out the pieces

receiving quilt0001receiving quilt0002receiving quilt0003receiving quilt0008receiving quilt0009receiving quilt0011receiving quilt0007 Cut off the selvage of the strips and the backing

Cut fabric backing to 36” by 36” inches.  Be sure to save the excess fabric for binding and other projects

Out of the excess backing fabric cut 4  2 inch wide stripes that are 36 inches in length .  Be sure to save the excess fabric for binding and other projects

Cut 9 cuddle strip to 35 inches in length ( again save the excess, and be sure to trim off the selvage)

Cut the Batting so it’s a few inches bigger than 36” by 36” ( about 40” by 40”)

Tip: you can skip the batting to make a lighter blanket – but for a beginner it’s easier to sew with the batting as the stretch cuddle can shift.

2 – Adhere backing to the batting

receiving quilt0016receiving quilt0020receiving quilt0021receiving quilt0022Adhere the batting to the backing.  Using a large space on the floor either, pin or tape the edges of the batting down lighting stretching it to make it taught.  Place paper underneath the edges to protect your floor from the temporary adhesive spray.  Center the fabric on the batting with wrong side facing down.  Spray fabric  on the wrong side and slowly begin to adhere fabric to batting working out wrinkles as you go.  If you mess up, quickly but gently lift the   fabric and try again.  Once fabric is attached to batting, remove from floor and trim off excess so batting is square with backing.

3 – Layout blanket

receiving quilt0025 receiving quilt0026receiving quilt0027 receiving quilt0029receiving quilt0028receiving quilt0030receiving quilt0031Layout strips in desired order, be sure to check the nape as you go.  The nap ill either lay smooth or go “rough”.  Keep petting your fabric to make sure it lays all the same direction.

Once you have your pattern figures out take the center strip, and fold it in half length wise.   Mark fabric along the fold to establish the “center line”.

Take the backing and on the fold in half with the batting side out.  Mark on the batting along the fold the establish a center line.

Unfold the backing and layout.  With the cuddle strip still folded in half, line up the markings and using adhesive spray into place.

4 – Sew and Flip!

receiving quilt0032receiving quilt0033receiving quilt0034receiving quilt0037receiving quilt0038receiving quilt0039receiving quilt0055 receiving quilt0054Now it’s time to sew and flip! Making sure the nap is correct place the next cuddle strip down (with right sides together on the center strip.  Pin into place.  Sew through all the layers of fabric using a walking foot.  Use a straight stitch with a half inch seam allowance.  Once seam is complete spray wrong side of the strip that was sewn with adhesive and “flip” into place,  working out wrinkles as you go.  Keep alternating sides from the center strip.  Sewing the flipping until you reach the edge.  With the final outer strips be sure the spray into place.


5 – Trim

receiving quilt0056receiving quilt0045Since Cuddle has a stretch to it there will be excess on the sides.  Trim down the excess so it matches the backing.  We’re going to be cutting corners on this quilt (literally)  Take a plat and round off the corner of the blanket.

6 – Bind

receiving quilt0047receiving quilt0048receiving quilt0051receiving quilt0052receiving quilt0053For detailed instruction on binding please see video below.  Sew the two inch strips together. Then sew on the backing with a straight stitch and a half inch seam allowance.  Fold over and sew down to the front using a serpentine stitch.  You’re finished!

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