Over 40 FREE costume ideas,  patterns and tutorials

By FleeceFun.com

Costume Idea #1 - 

This mini witch hat is a no sew breeze to make.  with the free template, and SVG files you can make yourself and all your boos a cute hat that is fun to decorate and wear.

Costume Idea #2  

This magic carpet costume is easy to throw on and warm on a cold October night.  This classic costume is a  great staple for many Halloweens use!

Costume Idea #3

You'll be ready for hogwarts with this wizard robe.  make it in your house color and ready your wand with this free robe pattern and instructions.

Costume Idea #4

make giant troll hair to rock all night long in.  It's easy to make , light and looks awesome!  All it takes is a few materials and some simple ties and loops.  

Costume Idea #5

A classic cape that will work for several costumes!  Learn how to make this cirucular half cape with a dramatic hood.  Perfect for goign to grandmother's house in.

Costume Idea #6

this couture style witch hat comes in adult and child size so you and all your ghouls can look divine.  Comes with a free pattern and video to make it wasy.

Costume Idea #7

This DIY Jedi Costume has a free patterns and is perfect for your little one to feel the force in. 

Costume Idea #8

This Aladdin vest pattern comes in sizes Toddler  to adult!  Just add this to a simple white shirt and pants and the costume is ready!

Costume Idea #9

This high low cape with pixie hood is dramatic and makes a statement.  the best part?  the cape covers so much the rest of the costume can be simple.  free pattern and tutorial at "learn more".

Costume Idea #10

A Mini top hat can give a lot of attitude to a simple costume.  With this free template and tutorial you can make it  and decorate it your style

Costume Idea #11

Who doesn't love a donut?  You'r kid will look so sweet in this classic easy sew costume!  

Costume Idea #12-40

See the rest of the cosutme ideas from star wars to princesses to classic witch attire, there's something for everyone.