What is a basting stitch?

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When you’ve been sewing a while – things become second nature.  You understand the basics terms, tools and tricks of the trade.  what is a basting stitcheIt’s easy to forget that for someone who’s just starting they need to have things shown to them and terms defined.

I’ve gotten a few emails from people  asking me “What is a basting stitch?”  “Where is the basting setting on my machine?”  and “Why do I need to use a basting stitch”.  

Now only am I going to answer these questions for you, but I’m showing you!

And now you know!  Is there a sewing term or trick that you want me to show you?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. This short video about basting stitch is very helpful. I want to thank you for sharing all your patterns, I have used the fingerless gloves, the hobo bag, satin flower and heart hair clips and my favorite one, the mini top hat. I really enjoy your web page and find it very informative and useful. Keep up the great work!

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