Basic Hat With Horns How To

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Basic Hat with Horns Free Pattern How to / Tutorial/ DIY 

Basic Hat With Horns How To on You can make a fleece or knit hat with horns.  The perfect hat for your little monster.
You will need the following:

A printed out version of the Free Fleece Fun Basic hat pattern PDF. You can get it here.
1/3 yard fleece (you could actually make several from this)
A few scraps of contrasting fleece for the horns 8″by”8 will cover it
Basic Hat With Horns How To on

Download the free pattern here. tutorial below!

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the picture of the pattern envelope to download the .pdf !
Basic Hat With Horns How To on

Video tutorial here, written below:

1 – Cut out the Horn patterns

Basic Hat With Horns How To on You will cut out two pieces of left and right horn.  Pin right sides together of each individual horn (I.E. both left together, both right together).

2 – Sew the horns

Basic Hat With Horns How To on Sew each horn together.  For Baby hats use a .5 inch seam.  For children and adult hats use a .25 inch seam.  Sew two sides of the horn, leaving the straight side (bottom of horn) open for turning.

3 – Turn the horns

Basic Hat With Horns How To on Trim with scissors close to the top point of the horn (this will give it a nice point then turned).  Invert the fabric by pushing it through right side out so you will have a nice point at the top of your horn.

4 – Place horns and make the hat

Basic Hat With Horns How To on Place horns on right side of fabric as pictured.  Pin in place.  Put the second basic hat pattern (right side facing down) on top making a sandwich.  Follow the remaining steps as described on the basic hat page here.

Basic Hat With Horns How To on

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Basic Hat With Horns How To on

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