Free Printable: Habit Tracker

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I began quilting when I was 6 months pregnant. And stopped quilting at 6 months and one week. Yes, I’m a quitter. I was so disciplined during my first week of my quilting stint. I worked full-time, so I generally had about two hours to work on my quilt in the evening after I cooked […]

SNAP! Saturday: Meet Brandy


Hey everyone. I’m Brandy from BD Design, an eclectic blog filled with DIY projects, home decor ideas, thrift store makeovers, yummy recipes, and anything else that inspires me! I am really excited that I get to share a little bit about me and my blog with you guys today!   If a book were written about […]

Cookie Butter Hazelnut Shake

Cookie Butter Hazelnut Shake by Frenchie on

Let me start off by introducing myself, I’m Lindsay with Frenchie. I’m really excited to be a contributor here at Fleece Fun and to be working with Angel. I’m glad I get to show you guys what treats I make at home with my family and show you that I love to be in the […]

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