Fast hooded cape free pattern and tutorial

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This fast hooded cape can be made in under an hour.  I love how simple this free cape pattern is - plus there's a video tutorial that shows you how to make it! Love this costume diy idea.It’s simple, but elegant design makes it a versatile costume piece.

Materials you will Need:
A printed out version of this pattern.
5/8 yard fleece for hood – plus what you want the length to be ( based on fabric that is 58- 60 inches wide)
Rotary cutter, ruler and mat (available here)
Ribbon or leather cording (for the ties)
Sewing Essentials (scissors, pins, etc.)

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Designer’s Secret:

The hoods from the Red Riding Hood Cape, the Fast Long Cape, the Easy long cape and the Long Hooded Cape are all different and interchangeable. So if you like the body of this cape but want a hood with a point on the end – you can use the hood from the fast long cape with the body of the long hooded cape. Click a picture below to check out the free pattern and video tutorial.

Video Tutorial Here, written below:

Fast hooded cape free pattern and tutorial

1- Assemble and cut out the Pattern

You will need to assemble the pattern.  For instructions on how to assemble the sewing pattern click here.

Cut out two pieces of the hood.  Set aside.  Make sure remaining cloth has straight ends on each side.

The length of the cape is up to you.  In the pattern example I used 50 inches of fleece.  To determine the length of your cape measure from your collarbone to where you want the cape to fall.  Note:  this cape is designed to have a little rise in the front ( this is to help prevent tripping on it) so the length you measure will be at the longest point of the cape in the back.

If you desire cut off the selvage from the cloth. (I confess in the pattern example I didn’t) Take the negative cut out and place it on the edge of folded fabric (make sure the part that is supposed to be on the fold is) and cut the bottom of the cape.  If you leave the selvage on like I did the pattern will be a little short, just continue the curve and cut to the edge of the fabric.

Measure from the bottom of the cape the length you desire, vut off the top using a straight line.

Step 2 – Make the Hood.

Take the two hood pieces and using a .5 inch seam allowance sew them together (1).  Then turn under rim of hood .5 and using a zig sag stitch along the edge sew down (2).

Step 3 – Attach the hood to cape

Take the cape and sew a basting stitch along the top ( the straight edge).  Gather the cape to the length of the bottom of the hood.  Pin right side together.  Sew hood onto the cape using a .5 inch seam allowance.  You may need t go slow as you are sewing through thick layers.

Step 4 – Add the Ties

Taking ribbon or leather ties.  Make them the length you want and sew on to the top edges of where the hood meets the cape.  Trim your threads, put on your cape and chase your kids ( or roommate) around the house – the kids will think it’s hilarious , the roommate will just think you’re weird.

Get the Free Sewing Pattern Below:

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the picture of the pattern envelope to download the .pdf !

curved sections for featurechild smallcurved sections for featurechild largefast cape download

I love this easy to sew diy cape tutorial. It's beginner friendly and easy to sew with a a free pattern, perfect for Halloween.
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  1. I made this cape for my 8 yr olds Halloween costume (Merida from Brave). I took some liberties for size and shape but it turned out great! Thank you so much for the idea and pattern!

    • Can i ask? how can i get the size of the hood to make it exactly right to my head? and where can i get the patterns for this? please need help ! i cant figure out how to do this 😀 Thanks

  2. Fun! I’m going to make it in white blizard fleece and sew white fluffy ribbin around the edges for a Snow Queen Christmas costume! Thank you so much for the pattern, it would have taking me 3 times longer to figure it out 🙂 Nice work!

  3. This looks like an awesome pattern – I especially like the hood, but can’t connect to the pattern I think the link has a problem. Please could you email me a copy if it’s not too much hassle.

  4. Love it! Once I had the pattern assembled I made it in 20 mins! I actually cut the fabric out of a old sheet and didn’t have to finish off all of the edges.

  5. I dont understand the shape of the hood pattern or where to sew what. Please add some more details into the patterns picture. (What goes where, whats the face of the hood, what gets sewn to the cape, whats the back of the hood?

  6. Hi! I love your pattern for the fast hooded cape! Is there a way to slightly modify the hood pattern so that the hood is rounded instead of pointed? Thanks!

  7. I made two of these capes for my granddaughters yesterday. What a FABULOUS pattern! It was quick and easy and I was able to modify it for the kids. The first was made out of a soft, light plush fabric and I put a braided trim around the hood and part way down the front, then added a metal clasp – adorable! The second was made out of a twin-size sheet. Can I tell you? Super easy! Zero hemming!!! The sheet had a pretty hem with some satin at the top and this is what I used for the hood, that tiny bit of satin trim made it pop. Also, I used the bias edge for the bottom hem and the front was already turned and sewn. Easy-peasy! I didn’t end up using the curved front end, as the girls wanted it long all around. Thank you so much. This was a great project for all of us. And we even have enough fabric to make mini capes for their AG dolls. 🙂 <3

  8. Have just made this and found it so simple! ( and I’m no master sewer)
    I have made it to wear to a wedding (to keep me warm in an old church in January!!) and have used some pretty ribbon for the tie.

    My only question is, is it normal to still get ‘movement’ along the basting line once complete? I’ve stitched the ends over so it can’t come undone, but I can hear it move a long the basting thread when I put it on (hope that makes sense?)

    Thanks for this great pattern

    • It sounds like that in some section the final seam – where the hood and cape join is above the basting stitch so your getting that movement sensation. If the hood is well sewn onto the cape you should be ok. 🙂

  9. hi how are you my question is. what are the measurements to make this pattern so for someone who can’t print it can make it themselves

  10. It was fine and looked great. Had some nice comments from other wedding guests too (and felt rather smug when I told them I had made it! !)

  11. My teenage daughter needed to be Little Red Riding Hood for a play at school, and this was perfect. Took me more than an hour, more like 4, but I had to get all my sewing stuff out first. I was also a little slow figuring out that I needed to print all the pieces of the pattern and then tape them together. Once the lights when on, it was a sinch. Thanks, and she loves the cape.

  12. Hello, What am I doing wrong please? I’ve subscribed twice already but as soon as I try to download the pattern the box comes down over it again asking me to subscribe yet again!?

    Many thanks


  13. Am I correct in figuring that I have to actually make the pattern pieces from the pattern pieces I printed out by using 1″ scale paper to blow them up? Both pieces of the pattern together that printed out are smaller than one piece of computer paper. I can’t find a place to download larger pieces that I can tape together. Thanks.

  14. Hi, I love the pattern but was wondering if the hood from the red riding hood half cape would fit the pattern of this cape. I want to make a long cape but prefer the other hood. Would that work? Please and thank you.

  15. Used this pattern to make myself a cape for World Book Day – I dressed up as Frodo Baggins, it made a perfect Hobbit clock.

  16. Just a little feedback on the video tutorial:
    The making of the cape went by a little too fast. Can’t really see what you were doing.
    It actually took several hours to figure out what was meant with the “negative patern” and all, esspecially as a beginner. And that that was actually the piece that wasn’t meant to be there as part of the cape. It was bit confusing at first.
    Lucky it worked out in the end.

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