Princess Anna Cape Tutorial (free pdf pattern)

This snow princess cape is inspired by Princess Ann’s cape in Disney’s Frozen.  You can make a cape that is inspired by Princess Anna's cape form Disney's Frozen . This DIY costume idea is perfect for your little Disney Princess. The video makes it easy to sew.I have  two little girls and guess what they’ve been telling me they want to be for Halloween for the past 10 months?  This Princess Anna cape tutorial is cute and functional and a pretty decent homage, if I do say so myself.  It’s also great for trick or treating on a cold night.

You can find more pictures of the completed project here.  You can find the free pattern and tutorial for a matching Snow princess hat here.

For this project you will need:

1 1/2 ( 1 and 3/4 for size 7 – 9) yards of fleece
1 7/8 yards of purple pom poms ( 2 yards for 7-9)
1 7/8 yards of small purple ric rac (2 yards 7 to 9)
15 inches of purple decorative trim for collar ( I used a flower chain trim)
3 yards of large purple ric rac
One silver heart clasp
fusbile interfacing
Sewing Essentials (pins, scissors, etc.)

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Video tutorial here, written below:

The Princess Anna Cape Tutorial

1- Assemble and cut out the Pattern

You can find instructions on how to assemble the princess Anna cape tutorial pattern here.

princess anna cape tutorialTake the following measurement:  Measure from your child’s base of neck to their ankle  or wherever you want the cape to fall.  Cut a length of fleece the length you measured.  You will need to cut down the width of the fleece as well to match the width of the cape bottom, doubled.Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0015On folded fabric place the cape bottom and cut off the bottom to make a curve along the bottom.Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0019

Place back of cape on the fold and cut 1.

princess anna cape tutorial

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0027

Cut two of the front of the cape.Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0028

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0029

Cut out two collar be sure to place it on the fold.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0032

Cut out one of the collar piece from interfacing

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0035

Cut out one of the neck stay (be sure to place on the fold).

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0033

2 – Assemble the top cape piece.

Take the back and two front pieces.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0031

Using a .5 inch seam allowance seam allowance, sew each of the front pieces to either side of the back piece.  First sew the side seams and then sew the shoulders.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0042

3- Add decorative trim to top cape and bottom cape pieces.

Sew on decorative pom poms on to the top cape piece.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0043

Then sew small ric rac onto the top cape piece.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0045princess anna cape tutorial

Sew jumbo ric rac onto bottom cape piece.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0020

Take one of the collar cut outs and sew decorative ribbon or elements to the center if you like.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0041

4 – Assemble the collar

Take the collar pieces.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0049

Take the cut out of  the interfacing and cut it down so it’s about a quarter inch inside the fleece collar.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0036

Iron on.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0038

With right sides together, using a .5 inch seam allowance,  sew the two collar pieces together, leaving the inner curve open for turning.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0051

Trim down the seam allowance and snip notches into the outer curve.Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0052

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0054

Turn right side out.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0055

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0056

5 – Prep the back of the cape to line up

Sew a basting stitch along the top of the cape bottom (long) piece.
Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0001

Gather to the neck line to the top cape.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0002

Place the right side of the cape to the wrong (under) side of the top cape. Tack or baste down.

6 – Bring it all together.

Flip cape over add the collar to the top right sides together.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0004

Then place neck stay on top of collar sandwiching the collar between the cape the and collar stay.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0005

Sew on using a .5 inc h seam allowance.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0003

Flip collar up and fold collar stay around the seam created so it is now touching the long part of the cape.

Pincess Anna Cape tutorial0006

Then top stitch around the collar – .25 inches from the seam around the outside to help it stand up, and have the collar stay cover the bulky seam.

Sew on the clasp and you’re finished with the princess Anna cape tutorial

princess anna cape tutorial


Download the Pattern here:

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the picture of the pattern picture below to download the .pdf !

 princess anna cape tutorialprincess anna cape tutorialprincess anna cape tutorial snow princess cape download 7 to 9You can make a cape that is inspired by Princess Anna's cape form Disney's Frozen . This DIY costume idea is perfect for your little Disney Princess. The video makes it easy to sew.





  1. Hello, great pattern! Did you ever come up with a pattern for the snow princess hat??? I would love to see that one on here! Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Olive,
      I’m going to be honest with you – that pattern is kicking my but. I’m working on it, but sadly can’t promise it in time for Halloween. =( The grading on it is driving me crazy and I don’t know if I can offer multiple sizes for it.
      – Angel

  2. Help! I tried to print the size 7-9 pdf, but when I was piecing it together I noticed it was the 4-6 size. I tried again, thinking I clicked the wrong one, but all 3 sizes pull up the size 4-6 pdf. I can use the 4-6 since my daughter is 6, but I want to make it something she can use for several years as dress-up clothes, not just Halloween.

    This is super cute and I can’t wait to make it! I already bought berry colored fleece and was going to wing the pattern, but I found yours instead!

  3. I plan on making the size 7-9 Snow Princess Cape. In the materials listed it says 1-1/2 yards of fleece. In the instructions is says to measure your child’s base of neck to their ankle (or whereever you want the cape to fall) and cut the length of fleece the length you measured.

    My question is, is this cut of fabric separate from the 1-1/2 yeards of fleece listed in the materials?

    Thank you,

  4. Hi, I am in the process of making this darling cape. Thank you for the pattern!! I am a little confused on the neck stay. Does it go under everything – under the bottom (longer) part of the cape? You said “Place neck stay over the basted under cape”. Sorry if I’m being dense and thanks for any help.

    1. Hi Natalie,
      So sorry i can see why you’re confused. I’ve fixed the instructions – it was my bad directions! I hope it’s clearer now. If not please feel free to email me and we’ll get it figured out.
      – Angel

  5. Thank you so much!! I think it makes sense now! If I have problems I’ll email, but I think I got it. Thanks again!

  6. Well this is embarrassing, I am making 2 of the Anna capes. I got the pattern cut out, no problem. Then the time came to put it together and I got stumped on the very first part.
    “Cut a length of fleece the length you measured.” Once I get my length, how wide should this be? I either get a cape that could wrap around a 4 year old several times or they gave me too much fabric.
    ” You will need to cut down the width of the fleece as well to match the width of the cape bottom, doubled.” What exactly does this mean?

    “On folded fabric place the cape bottom and cut off the bottom to make a curve along the bottom. ” I do not understand how this is placed on the fold (here you are talking about the pattern piece labeled “negative cut out” correct?) to make the edges come out curved. It seems like if it were on the fold it would cut out right in the middle of the fabric. And the piece says “cut 1”.

    Everything else is clear as can be. I don’t see that anyone else has asked this so I know It is just me, missing something somewhere. Thank you for the pattern by the way. If grandma can figure this part out, they are going to love it. Thank you also for your help and patience.

    1. The Negative cut out is the width of the lower cape halved (since you place it on the fold). So basically fold the lower cape fabric you have in half. Place the negative cute out on the fold (where it says place on the fold) any excess fabric you have at the end of the negative cut out needs to be cut off. Try looking at the video and see if it helps ( I’m a visual learner – which is why I do videos).

    2. I was stumped here too. For me, it clicked when I realized that the tiny edge is what goes on the fold — the side the arrow is pointing to, not the length the words are written down. Just use the width of the fleece as your cape width, cut the length you want. Then follow it “hamburger” style and place the pattern on your fabric so that only that tiny edge is on the fold. Hope that helps!! I was embarrassed to be stuck on cutting that piece!

  7. Hi! Thank you for the pattern. I am currently trying to make the cape and have done the smaller top cape piece without any problem but I am really having trouble figuring out how to do the bottom longer cape piece. Could you please provide some further clarification with that section? I just don’t understand what part of the material attaches to the collar and why you are making the first cut on a fold. There is a lot of material and I am unsure of how to cut it down. Can you help please? Thanks!

    Specifically you say “You will need to cut down the width of the fleece as well to match the width of the cape bottom, doubled.

    On folded fabric place the cape bottom and cut off the bottom to make a curve along the bottom.

    Place back of cape on the fold and cut 1.”

    Is it possible to get another picture of just the bottom cape alone so that I have a better understanding. I don’t know why I am having such a rough time with it- but I just can’t picture it. Sorry! Thanks in advance!

  8. Thanks so much for this pattern! My littlest is going to be Anna and I’m excited to add a cape to her dress. One question: what was the width of your felt? The felt I bought is 72 inches, and I’m sure that’s too much.

  9. Thank you for this! I made the Anna cape for my daughter for Halloween. I couldn’t find pink fleece at my local store and ended up with a citrus greenish color and used pink and purple ricrac. This was my first sewing effort in many years and your instructions and pattern were easy to follow. thank you!

  10. Thank you for the pattern and the video. I had to break to watch the video because I was not comprehending the collar and collar stay. What is the benefit of the collar stay? Why did yiu not just sandwich the collar between the layers before you flipped them? Seeking to understand…I don’t usually sew apparel. thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Lil,
      My logic was to help the collar stand up correctly and keep it comfortable by hiding the seam. While the method you propose could work the collar seam could be a little awkward with the gathering and not stand up as nicely. The collar stay method that I am using is pretty standard practice in clothing patterns. But to be perfectly honest there isn’t a right or wrong way with this – if you like your method more – then go for it! I won’t be offended that you didn’t follow my directions exactly. 🙂

    2. Thank you. I finished this afternoon. I didn’t time myself, but I would say it didn’t take more than a couple of hours. The cape is so cute. My daughter loves it.

  11. Thank you so much for posting the pattern and instructions! I was able to make two capes, one for my daughter and one for my niece. They adore them and couldn’t be more pleased! I even managed to freehand a matching hat for my daughter and added yarn for braids. Needless to say, my daughter’s Anna Halloween costume is complete thanks to you! Thanks again!

  12. This my first attempt at a sewing project ever. But I have definitely dabbled in projects that require similar skills. Is it me or are the 4 – 6 pattern and 7 – 9 pattern identical. I printed them bought out and their the same. I need the 7 – 9 but the patterns don’t see big enough. I could be completely wrong but just wanted to check before I got to cutting this beautiful fabric.


    1. Hi Cynthia!
      The patterns are not identical they are different sizes. I haven’t heard any complaints on the sizing for the 7 -9 and being that it’s a cape there’s a lot of wiggle room. Good luck with your project!

    2. Nevermind … I got it! Your instructions were perfect I however did not read them in their entirety. First project complete. THANKS!

  13. Thank you so much for this pattern – you are very generous to share it for free. I’ve just finished making it and it has worked beautifully. Perfect for my daughter to wear with her Anna dress to a Frozen-themed party.

  14. I have watched the video and read the instructions several times. I understand (I think) about the length and width of the lower cape part. But I’m unsure about the neck part of that lower cape. Do I cut out a rectangular piece and than taper the bottom with that negative piece? What I mean to ask is: Is the neck a straight piece, not rounded to fit the short cape? Somehow I imagine it would have to have the shape of the collar, but I may think all wrong. Hope you understand my question.

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