Bow Infinity Wrap

Bows are back and in vogue.  I love this simple bow wrap idea. It looks easy to sew and three is a video tutorial to make it simple. Great DIY clothing idea for the winter months!You can make this cute bow infinity wrap that will keep your shoulders warm and when made out of minky feels oh-so-good against the skin.  This project can be completed from start to finish in under a half hour

Materials you will need:
¾ yard of minky or micro-fleece (can substitute regular polar fleece or Jersey knit) Note: if you are making this in an extra-large size you may need more fabric.
jersey ball point needle,
rotary cutter, mat,
measuring tape,
Sewing Essentials (pins, scissors, etc.)

Video tutorial here, written/ picture tutorial below:

1- Take a quick rough measurement

Unfold the cloth so it is its full width (approx. 58 to 60 inches) and wrap around your shoulders.  You want the wrap to be snug, so it won’t droop off the shoulders, but not so snug it completely restricts your movement. Mark with a pin.  Take to your rotary cutter and matt and cut off the excess.  Now taking this excess cut a strip that is 5 inches wide and 9 inches long.

2 –  Begin to Sew

Taking the large piece of fabric (the one that goes around your shoulders) – fold it in over on itself right sides together (so it’s the same length, just half the width) and sew, using a .5 seam allowance all the way down the fabric length.  This will make a large tube turn right side out ( so all the soft goodness in on the outside).

3 – Gather part of each end

To help with the “bow” look, we’re going to make some pleats (folds) on each end of the scarf. Looking at the end of the scarf mark about 1/3 in of the width.  Then (and this doesn’t have to be perfect) make three pleats by folding over the fabric and pinning using 2/3 of the width. (See picture)  Repeat on the other side taking care that you do this  on the opposite side. You should have the folds on the top on one side and on the bottom on the other.  Once you have pinned  each side sew the fold in place using a straight stitch about .5 from the end  of each side.  Sew all the way down completely closing the wrap ends.

4 – Join the ends

Taking the each end and bringing it together, the one side should have pleats and the other should be straight.  Pin the pleats on top, each side ( you will “twist the fabric in the middle to make this happen).  The overlap should be about 1 inch.
Then sew, together, through all the layers of cloth (be careful and go slow).  This should make the wrap one large circle.

5 – Wrapping it up

Taking the  5×9 piece of fabric turn under the  edges .5 inches and using a zig zag sitch sew the ends down.  Then take the piece and with right sides together wrap it around the wrap – pin the ends together and sew using a .5 seam allowance, taking care to keep all the other fabric out of the way.  Turn right side out, slide so that if covers the seam where the wrap ends  join and hand stitch a few stitches in the back to make the loop stay in place.  Finished!  You now have  a cute wrap, that feels as good as it looks!


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