The Lucet Scarf a DIY tutorial {no sew}

Lucet scarf tutorial. Love how this can be a no sew project! Such a clever DIY idea.This beautiful Lucet scarf can be a no sew or easy sew project.  A fun braid loosely based on the concept of a lucet, this is a great project for a beginner the gives fabulous results ( it looks like something you would get from Anthro!)  It’s so fast to make you’ll want to several for your friends and family!

For this Project you will need:

No sew version:7/8 yard of Jersey knit ( 60 inches wide) or 7/8 yard of  fleece Note: I bout some t-shirt sheets from my local bargain store and it was a great way to make several scarves and save money – or you can up-cycle some sheets that have seen better days)

Rotary cutter, ruler and mat


Chair or stool ( see instructions below)

Easy Sew Version:7/8 yard of Cuddle Fabric ( or two half yards of coordinating fabric)

Rotary cutter, ruler and mat


Chair or stool ( see instructions below)


Sewing Machine

Sewing Essentials (pins, scissors, etc.)

No Pattern is needed for this scarf – however the terms of pattern use still apply.

Video Tutorial here – written below.

The Lucet Scarf a DIY tutorial

Step 1 – Cut out the strips of cloth

cuttingIn order to make the braid we need a really long length of cloth.  To make that we’re going to cut a bunch of strips.  Take your fabric and cut three 10 inch wide lengths of fabric.  So you have 3 strips of fabric that are 60 inches long by 10 inches wide.  If you are using two coordinating fabrics you’ll cut 1 10 inch by 60 inch from each and then 1 10 inch by 30 inch from each of the two fabrics. Tip: Chang up the look by playing with the width of the fabric to make the scarf different.

Step 2 (no sew) – make the fabric one long length

Now it’s time to take the the three strips and make them one really looooooooong strip.  For the no sew version you’ll take the end of one of the strips and cut four strips about 2 to 4 inches in length Do the same to the end of another strip.  Then tie the strips together using the fringe you just made.  Tie each fringe into a square knot and trim excess to desired length.  Roll up into a ball.

Step 2 (Easy Sew) – make the fabric one long length

sew togetherturn right side outSew the strips together using a .5 inch seam allowance to make it one really long length.  If you are using t-shirt or fleece you’re finished since you can leave the edges raw.  If you are using cuddle fabric – just two more things you need to do.  After sewing the fabric together in one really long length – fold it in half so right sides are together.  Using a .5 inch seam allowance sew together to make a really loooooong tube.  Then turn right side out.

Step 3 (both sew and no sew) – weave the scarf

weave beginweave 1Weave1aweave2weave3weave4weave5weave6bweave7final weaveThis is where the video tutorial comes really handy.  But I will try my best to explain here.  Take your chair, stool ( or in my case mini ironing board) and have the two “tines” up and pointing toward you.  With on end hanging down between the two tines make a loop around the left side then cross over ot the right and loop around ( making a figure 8).  Loop around the left side again, then the right so you have two loops on each tine.  Then take the bottom loop on the left and lift it up over the top ( second) loop and let it drop to the center.  Then take the bottom loop on the right lift it up over the top (second) loop and let it drop to the center.  Tug on center to tighten and give tension.  Then weave another figure 8 – once around the left and then the right tine.  Then lift bottom loop over the loop you just created on the left, and do the same on the right.  It will take doing this a few times before it begins to take shape.  Repeat this action until you have make a full braid or as much braid as you like.  Once you are to a stopping point lift both loops up off the tine and pull the remaining fabric through both loops to finish off.

The best part about this is – if you don’t like it it’s really easy to try again until you get the tension and look you want, just undo it.

If you are making the no sew version – you’re finished!  Just braid it to the length you want, finish off and you’re good to go.

Step 4 ( Easy Sew) – sew the ends together

If you want to make it an infinity scarf  like I did in the cuddle fabric example.  You will need to make a shorter braid and then sew the ends together. ( be sure to check the length is where you want it to be at before you sew it).

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    1. Hi Judine,
      My site is mobile friendly so that’s not needed (it saves you time and the paper). If you really need a hard copy you can always copy and paste it to a word document for personal use (not to be distributed in any form).
      I have done it this way so people will visit my site, which makes it possible for me to continue to offer these patterns for free. =)

  1. That type of weaving is called an “i-cord” – very simple stitch to learn.
    Thanks for the idea. I’ve made a few jewelry items with yarn and this stitch, but never considered this. My scarf-wearing daughter will be thrilled.

  2. If you cut your fabric out in a spiral, there is no need to join the ends unless you want to. Just look up ‘how to make t-shirt yarn’ and think bigger 🙂

    I’m definitely going to give this a try. It sounds really simple and fun.

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