Easy Charm Pack Scarf DIY

A wonderful combination of cuddle textures,I love this scarf diy sewing project. such a cute and easy idea. Plus I love the fabric she used. this scarf is warm and feel wonderful around the neck.  The gathered pieces give the scarf dimension and shape.  Make is from one kit for a single loop or use two to wrap it around twice.

For this project you will need:

Shannon Fabric’s Cuddle Charm kit (1 or 2  depending on length of scarf you desire to make) 




Walking foot  (optional)

Ruffle foot (optional)

Sewing Essentials (pins, scissors, etc.)

Video tutorial here, written below:

Step 1- Lay out the scarf how you desire. 

Lay out the scarf how you want it to look.  It should be two blocks wide by whatever length  you desire.  Make sure the nap of the blocks all run in the sam direction.  In the pattern example I opted for a black red alternate look. 

Step 2 – The ruched sections

Take every other row and gather the  two opposite sides.  This can be done either with a ruffler foot or gathered by hand.  Continue to gather every other row as described above for the entire length of the scarf. 

Step 3 –   Sew the columns together

With right side touching, pin each column of blocks together.  Then sew blocks together using a quarter inch seam allowance. You can use a walking foot for this part, but since the blocks are so small a standard foot will work as well.   Repeat with the other column. 

Step 4 – Bring the two columns together

Take each long column and with right sides together, pin them together lengthwise.  Sew each side with a .25 inch seam allowance.  Then turn right side out.

 Step 5 – Finish it up

I love this scarf diy sewing project. such a cute and easy idea. Plus I love the fabric she used.Take ends of the scarf and pin right sides of fabric together.  using a .25 inch seam allowance, machine stitch as much of the scarf as you can ( you will be sewing aournd the scarf on the inside until  it’s impossible to continue  – there will be a gap).  Then finish the scarf by hand stitching the gap shut.  Trim your threads.

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  1. I have a ton of fleece on hand and am making all my xmas gifts from.fleece this year and stumbled upon ur site from pinterest!! I would really like to make this charmed scarf without purchasing a kit since i already have my material. Can u post the measurements of the pieces?

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