Easy Superhero Cape Tutorial

This easy superhero cape tutorial can be adjusted for any size!  I love this cute super hero cape DIY! It goes around the arms and not the neck for safe play - plus you can turn it around to be a blanket for baby! Easy sewing idea.With a few quick measurements, sewing and imagination your super hero will be saving the day in no time!  Plus this cape has an amazing super power of it’s own – turn it around and if works as a comfortable blanket over safety restraints in the car!

You will need:

Fleece in 2 colors ( measurements will vary depending on size of cape – in the pattern example I used cuddle fabric, this is optional)

Quarter inch elastic

1 inch elastic


rotary cutter, ruler and mat

measuring tape

505 temporary adhesive (optional)

Sewing Essentials (pins, scissors, etc.)

Download the free pattern below, tutorial below.

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the text to download the .pdf !

Easy Superhero Cape Tutorial

1 – Design the dimensions of your cape

super hero cape0047super hero cape0049For this tutorial you’re going to be designing the basic dimensions to the cape.    Measure the width of the shoulders and then add 1/2.  ( so if the shoulder width is 12 inches the final width would be 18) plus 1 inch for seam allowance.
For the length of the cape measure from the shoulder to wear you wan the cape to fall ( above the ankle or to the chin is a good length)plus 1 inch for seam allowance.
Next measure around the top of the arm for your strap length.  This subtract 2 inches for stretch and this will be the length of your elastic – cut two pieces of quarter inch elastic that length. Double the length for the length for the fabric for the strap, by 4 inches  in width.  Cut two straps 4 inches by double the arm length.
Now measure just outside the shoulder blades – cut your 1 inch elastic to this length.
Optional – if you want to add a basic monogram to your child’s cape cut out the shield shape that’s been provided.  Use a basic document program ( like Microsoft word) to make the letter the size and shape you want.  Print it up and then use it as a pattern to cut out the letter.

2 – Build the logo (optional)

super hero cape0054super hero cape0057super hero cape0061super hero cape0063super hero cape0066super hero cape0068This part is completely optional ( but really fun!) Take your letter and the shield cut out.  spray temporary adhesive to the wrong side of the letter and glue it to the shield.
 Then using a medium zig zag stitch sew the letter onto the shield ( you can also use a satin stitch if you like).  Then spray the back of the shield ( wrong side) and place on the right side of the fabric you want to be the outside of the cape.
Tip: you’ll want this to be in the upper third of the cape.

3 – Make the straps

super hero cape0008super hero cape0010super hero cape0012super hero cape0014super hero cape0018super hero cape0019super hero cape0021super hero cape0022Take the on of the two fabric straps you cut and fold it in half length wise with right side touching.  Sew using a .5 inch seam allowance. making a long tube.  Turn Right side out.
Take one of your quarter inch pieces of elastic that you cut, and pin a safety pin to one end.  put into shoulder strap.
 Sew end of tube shut, catching sandwiched elastic into the end using a quarter inch seam allowance.
 Then using the safety pin gather the strap fabric so the elastic reach the other end.
Remove safety pin and sew close the other end of the strap with the elastic sandwiched in between.

4 – Attach and reinforce the straps

super hero cape0024super hero cape0025Because straps get tugged on a lot, I like to sew them onto one side of the cape first and then sew over them again when I sew the two pieces together for extra reinforcement.  Pin the straps on the top of the cape at an angel ( see picture).  Sew on suing a .5 inch seam allowance.

5 – Sew the lining to the cape.

super hero cape0028super hero cape0029Pin the back side of the cape to the front (the straps should be sandwiched in between)  be sure to leave a 4 inch gap in the bottom for turning) .  Sew all the way around the cape using a .5 inch seam allowance ( be sure to leave your turning gap open).

6 – Add elastic to the top

super hero cape0034super hero cape0035To make the cape come in at the top  We’re going to add elastic.  Take the 1 inch elastic peice you cut and pin one side to just inside one strap and pin the other side to just inside the other strap.  Sew each end.

7 – Finish up

super hero cape0031super hero cape0039super hero cape0040Flip cape right side out.  Sew the turning gap shut.  Let your little superhero were their fun cape!


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