Ultimate Ladybug Cookies

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A friend of the family was throwing a Lady Bug themed family. how to make a ladybug cookie tutorial She asked my husband (who’s known for his love of baking) to make Lady Bug Cookies.  So we took to the web and to Pinterest…. and couldn’t find anything we liked!  So we put our heads together and came up with what is the Ulitmate Lady Bug Cookie.  It takes a little work, but the results speak for themselves.  So here’s how to make them, step by step.

You will need:

Egg shaped cookie cutter

Small tulip cookie cutter

Heart shaped cookie cutter

Sugar cookie dough

Royal icing

Red food coloring

Black Food coloring

Decorating gel (we used black sparkling gel)

Butter cream frosting for dirty icing.

Step 1 – Prep the cookies shapes

For each lady bug cookie you will need the following shapes cut out, 1 egg shape, 1 tulip shape, with the  top cut off, and 1 heart shape with the point cut off.

Bake the cookies according to the recipe you used.  Allow cookies to cool.

Step 2 – Painting the cookies

Make and dye the royal icing.   Using washed sponge brushes paint the egg shape and the tulip cookies with black frosting.  Paint clipped heart shape red.

Place on wax paper to dry.  Once the tops has dried flip cookies to let any leakage beneath the cookies to dry.


Step 3 – Assemble the Lady Bug

We’re going to use the butter cream icing  as the glue for the cookie.  Starting with the egg as the base of the lady bug.  Place a drop of frosting on the back of the heart and place on the eagg base.  Then ass frosting to the back of the tulop cookie back and line up the flat sides with the heart and add to the egg base.  Allow the frosting to set.

Step 4 – Decorating the lady bug

Using the decorating gel to add eyes, antenna and spots to your lady bug.  Now you have the ultimate lady bug cookie!

how to make a ladybug cookie



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