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Quick and Easy Fall themed Coaster

Leaf shaped coaster for Fall

Today I have a fairly quick project that is perfect for Fall. A leaf shaped coaster!   Finished project is approximately __ at the widest point. Supplies: Felt – 2 sheets (I prefer wool blend felt but you can use Eco-fi if you prefer. I don’t recommend the felt you can find in dollar stores […]

SNAP! Saturday: Meet Steph


Happy Saturday everyone! I’m happy to be visiting Angel’s blog today and getting to introduce myself to you. I’m Steph, and my blog is Crafting in the Rain. My husband and I live in the Pacific Northwest with our 3 kids. I’ve been blogging over 3 years now, and over the years I’ve made some […]

Layered Jell-O Recipe

layered dinner jello

Hi Fleece Fun readers! I’m Ashlee and I love food. I mean I LOVE food, and I am so excited to share recipes with you! Today is not only my first post here it’s also my BIRTHDAY! So in honor of my birth I’m sharing my absolute favorite meal, it’s I make for myself every […]

The Changing of the Storms

welcome fall

Where I live the weather can be tempestuous.  We have a saying: “If you don’t like the weather,wait 5 minutes”.   Sometimes the seasons are  just as fickle as the weather.    Spring will arrive in a day, summer will stretch into October, fall’s glory will be a few short weeks before winter stomps on it’s […]

How to Sew Faux Fur: Tips and Tricks

I love these tips on how to sew with faux fur.  It looks a lot less intimidating now.

Faux fur can seem daunting.   But once you know the basics of working with it, it’s an easy way to add drama and flare to a piece with minimal effort. Most faux furs do not require any special equipment or needs for your sewing machine.  But they do require patience, and lint roller.  Read […]

Some Fun Facts about Fleece

Fleece has some interesting properties - and I love all the free patterns on her site!

Fleece is pretty amazing fabric.  How amazing?  It’s got an interesting history and properties.  I’ve made a fun info graphic to show some interesting things that you might not know about fleece:

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