Baby Hat with Chin Strap {Free Pattern}

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baby chin strap hat This tutorial shows you how to make this adorable (and reversible) baby hat with a chin strap.  Baby won’t be able to pull it off, keeping them nice and warm when going out into the cold!  This tutorial also gives tips on how to work with cuddle fabric (great for people who haven’t worked with it before).  This pattern is sponsored by Shannon Fabrics – they make a wonderful variety of cuddle fleece.  Because this pattern is sponsored as an added bonus the instructions are included in the pattern!  So all you need to do is download the pattern and you will have the instructions as well!

You Will Need:

A printed out version of this pattern.

1/2 yard of cuddle fleece (in the demo piece, different fabrics are used)

# 90 Jersey ball point needle


2 to 3 inches of sew on Velcro®

Child Medium 2-3 Years
Child Small 1-2 Years
Baby Large 6-12 Months
Baby Medium 3-6 Months

Download the free pattern here.

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use.  Click the picture to download the pdf.

baby chin strap pdf

Video Tutorial Here:

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  1. 1


    This is such a cute hat! I am going to make some for my little lady for winter! Thank you for putting together such a terrific tutorial!

  2. 2

    Anna says

    What a cute hat! I make Halloween costumes for babies, so this is an absolute must for those cute hats that never stay on. (When have babies ever just left their hats alone??) Thank you so much!

  3. 3

    Suzette says

    Thanks for the tutorial. I just made a hat for my daughter and will be making one for my son from the monster pack next.

  4. 4

    Suzette says

    Thanks for the tutorial. I just made a hat for my daughter and will be making one for my son from the monster pack next.

  5. 7

    JO says

    Hi, I’m really excited to make this for my friends son. I had the link to the pattern open on my phone but tonight i can’t seem to get it to open on the commuter (mac).
    Am i missing something?

  6. 11

    Jo says

    A suggestion when doing your samples … cute fabrics are nice to show for samples, but the seams don’t show well. i’d like to see pastel or medium tone plain fabric in the instructions so the construction is more visible.

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