Princess Anna Hat tutorial with free pdf pattern

This cute little hat brings your little snow princess’s outfit together. I love this cute Princess Anna Hat tutorial inspired by Disney's Frozen! This Princess Anna hat tutorial is inspired by Disney’s Frozen.  This hat sits toward the back of the head, and covers the ears similar to the one in the film. For more pictures of the final hat you can look here.  For the cape pattern and tutorial just click here.  I also have an “Snow Queen (Elsa inspired) jacket cape that you can find here.

For this project you will need:

Fleece Fun’s Free pdf pattern

1/4 yard fleece in magenta

1 yard 1 1/2 inch purple ribbon

1 yard decorative purple trim

Scrap of white fur ( less than a quarter yard – in the example I used eyelash fleece.)

Sewing Essentials (pins, scissors, etc.)

Bobby pins, comb or elastic to keep it on the head.

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Download the free pattern below, tutorial below!

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here– it is the ONLY reader I recommend. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the picture of the pattern to download the .pdf !  Fleece Fun’s patterns are free and this site will never ask for your credit card information for the patterns..
princess anna hat down load 3 to 4

1- Assemble and cut out the Pattern

princess anna hat0001princess anna hat0002princess anna hat0005You can find instructions on how to assemble the pattern here.

You will need to cut out the following from the magenta fleece:

2 of the hat top

2 of the hat bottom

1 of the fur trim insert

2- Begin to sew the hat

princess anna hat0004With right sides together, pin the round section of the hat to the top.  Sew together using a ..5 inch seam allowance.  Snip slits along curve to help hat lay properly. Repeat with the other pieces.

3 – Add decorative detailing

princess anna hat0006 princess anna hat0007This step is completely optional and not necessary for the hat to be completed – but it does look nice.  Take one of the sewn hat pieces and flip right side out..  Taking you purple ribbon, turn under the edge a half inch and starting at the back of the hat pin ( or you can use a glue stick to tack down ribbont) all the way around the edge of the right side of the hat, mitering the corners to make the turn at the ear covering section.  Continue to pin all the way around until you meet up with where you started, tuck end of ribbon under the folded end.  Sew down along inner edge of ribbon using a medium zig zag stitch along the edge.

For the second layer of decor, pin about a half inch away from the ribbon and sew down.

4 – Prep the fur piece

princess anna hat0005Fold the fur trim piece in on itself lengthwise (so it’s a long rectangle).  Sew each side using a .25 inch seam allowance, leaving the bottom open.  Turn right side out.

5 – Bring the hat together

princess anna hat0009 princess anna hat0010 princess anna hat0011 princess anna hat0013 princess anna hat0014Take the exterior the hat piece that has decor on it and place it right side up.  Then place fur at the front of the hat – unfinished ends (the gap that you flipped the fur right side out with) should line up with the edge of the front of hat.  The n place lining rightside down onto the fur and hat exterior.  Pin.

Tip:  With really long furn try your best to make sure that it’s in between the two hat pieces and not sticking  of the seam as this will be stuck inside the hat once we turn it.

Sew all the way around using a half inch seam allowance, leaving a 3.5 to 4 inahc gap in the bakc for turning.

Trim sections of hat that might be bulky and flip right side out.

Topstitch .25  inch from the edge all the way around the main part of the hat ( not on the fur – just the fleece part).  to give hat shape and sew the gap shut.

This hat has no way to stay on the head without a little help – you will either need to sew an elastic fro each poin at the ear flaps to go under the chin, or sew (or glue) combs into the inside of the hat to help it stay in place.




  1. I love the patterns for the cape and the hat! I made a small cape for my great niece, and just finished a larger size 7-9 for my granddaughter. Whew! I am just a beginner sewer, but I did have a slight problem. I cut out the hat two times before I finally figured out my problem. The bottom part of the pattern for the hat does not say “place on fold”, so I didn’t. 🙂 I finally figured out by looking at the pictures over and over that I needed it on the fold. Also, the collar piece for the 7-9 cape pattern does not say on it “place on fold.” I remembered from the smaller cape that I needed to place it on the fold. I am not complaining! I’m just such a visual, literal learner.

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