DIY Tiara (Free Pattern and SVG file)

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This DIY Tiara is perfect for your little princess’s play box!  This cute tiara can be made from felt, but also can be made from craft foam, cardboard, cardstock, etc.  Sky’s the limit with what you can do.  Use this tutorial as a jumping off point to make something wonderful for your kiddo (or heck even yourself!) Also makes a great birthday crown to make the day extra special.  I love making  it our of felt, because it folds flat for easy storage ( perfect for a dress up box)

For this project you will need:

12” by 12” piece of felt ( or craft foam, cardboard, cardstock, paper etc.) I like to buy my felt here.

12 by 6 inch scrap of iron on interfacing

21 inches fold over elastic

Crystals/ Jewels (optional)

Sewing Essentials (scissors, pins, etc.)

Cricut Maker (Optional)

Fabric Cutting Mat (Optional)

Glue Gun 

Sewing Machine

Fleece Fun’s Free pattern and SVG file (available at the end of the post)

DIY Tiara (Free Pattern) Instructions:

Step 1 – Cut out the pieces to the crown

Once you’ve gathered all your materials it’s time to cut out the elements.

Using the free SVG or pdf pattern provided cut out 2 of the tiara from felt (this will be the interior and exterior).

Then cut out 1 of the interfacing.  

Note: if you’re making it out of craft foam or cardstock you’ll just need to cut 2 of the tiara

For the fabric tiara cut two 10.5 inch strips of fold over elastic.

For other materials cut a 2 inch by 12 inch strip to place the tiara on the head.

Step 2 – Begin to make the tiara

If you aren’t sewing the tiara, you can skip this step.

Time to make the tiara sandwich.

Place the interfacing (glue side down) and iron onto one of the felt exterior pieces. Center it so there is a border all around the interfacing.

Next line up the other exterior piece on top of the piece with the interfacing. Tip: if the tiara isn’t lining up, flip the outer piece over.

Step 3 – Sew around the tiara

Pin the tiara together.

Tip: Pin at each of the tiara points and ends to keep things from shifting. Using an edging foot, sew around the tiara.

Step 4 – Add some embellishments to your crown

Using a glue gun, glue on embellishments.  I opted for some jewels but you could use a number of things.  For the felt you can use HTV, embroidery, beads, jewelry charms, buttons, etc.  Just look around your house or junk drawer – I bet you can find everything your need!

Step 4 – Make your tiara wearable

Now that you’re done decorating it’s time to add the elastic to the back so you can wear it.

Sew the elastic strips to the inside of the tiara on either side. Place the DIY tiara on your head and let your inner queen shine.



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