Quilted Leather Clutch Tutorial

Perfect for a night out or dressing up an outfit, this quilted clutch is easy to sew! Love this Quilt Leather Clutch Tutorial! it looks simple to make and so chic! I want to sew this.This step by step tutorial will walk you through how to make this chic accessory.
For the Quilted Leather Clutch Tutorial you will need:
1/4 yard (vegan/faux) leather

1/4 yard quilt batting

1/4 yard thin cotton for backing

1/4 yard lining fabric

12″ zipper (I couldn’t find one this length that I liked so I used a much longer one, but you can trim it to fit)

3/4″ D ring

optional: scrap interfacing

Sewing Essentials (pins, scissors, etc.)

Quilted Leather Clutch Tutorial


All seam allowances are 1/2″ unless otherwise stated.

Cut 2 pieces of backing fabric approximately 14″ x 7″. Using a quilting ruler, draw a 1″ diagonal grid (45 degrees from the edge of the fabric).

Cut 2 pieces each of quilt batting and leather the same size as the backing (14″ x 7″) Sandwich a layer of quilt batting between the wrong sides of the leather and the backing material. Use a spray adhesive or glue stick to keep the layers together.

Use your lines as a guide, and quilt all the layers together. Trim rectangles to 13″ x 6″.

Cut 2 more rectangles (13″ x 6″) out of the lining material. Cut leather for the strap: 1 piece 2″ x 2″, 1 piece 14″ x 2″. My leather was quite thin so I added some interfacing to the strap pieces.

Fold under the raw edges of the strap pieces by 1/4″. Fold in half. I use glue stick to keep the strap together while I stitch (don’t use pins that can poke a hole in the leather). Stitch both long ends.

Thread the short piece through the D ring and baste the raw ends together.

Thread the long piece through the D ring, fold the raw edge to the back and stitch the end to secure.

Pin the right side of the zipper tape to the right side of the outer leather with the edge of the zipper tape aligned to the edge of the rectangle. Place the lining on top, right side down.

Use a zipper foot to stitch through all layers.

Fold the inner and outer fabric away from the zipper tape and topstitch close to the edge, also with your zipper foot. Repeat with the other side.

Baste the raw end of the strap to the side of the leather (NOT attaching it to the lining).

Open your zipper (but be sure the zipper head is still inside the clutch, not on the ‘extra’ part of the zipper!). Pin clutch, right sides facing, along all the outer edges. Stitch, leaving a 3″ opening in the lining for turning.

Clip corners and trim excess zipper tape.

Turn right side out and stitch opening in lining shut (by hand if you prefer a neater finish).Love this Quilt Leather Clutch Tutorial! it looks simple to make and so chic! I want to sew this.

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