Travel Shaving Kit Free pattern

This travel shaving kit free pattern is perfect handmade gift for that special fella in your life! With handy compartments and a sleek design you can easily personalize it with fabric that reflects his personality. I love this great handmade gift idea for a guy! This free sewing tutorial is a perfect DUy idea for travel.

To create the travel shaving kit, you will need:

1/2 yard light to midweight cotton fabric for the outside and lining

1/3 yard medium weight fusible interfacing

1 yard quilting cotton or other lightweight cotton fabric for the inside pocket and the bias binding if you are making your own

2 – 12″ zippers

clear vinyl

2 1/2 yards wide double fold binding (1/2″ folded) – prepackaged or you can make your own

Sewing Essentials (pins, scissors, etc.)

Sewing Machine

Step 1

Cut out your pieces (all measurements are length x width).

solid fabric: 2 – 15″ x 11″

contrast fabric: 2 – 12″ x 11″

vinyl: 1 – 6″ x 11″

interfacing: 1 – 15″ x 11″

fuse interfacing to the wrong side of the outer fabric.






Step 2

Sew bias tape to the right side of the zipper tape.

Sew the long edge of the vinyl to the left side, right side of the zipper facing the vinyl. Topstitch.

Step 3

Pin the vinyl with the attached zipper to the lining with the raw edges matching. Sew along the outer edge of the bias tape to secure and baste the other 3 sides in place.

Step 4

Fold the two pocket piece in half, wrong sides together, widthwise. Finish the vertical edge opposite the fold.

Step 5

Place the zipper along the edge you just finished, right sides facing. Stitch zipper in place using a zipper foot and topstitch. Repeat with the second pocket piece.

Step 6

With chalk or a disapearing marker, draw a a line 6″ away from the raw edge opposite the vinyl pocket.

Step 7

 Place the edge of the zipper pocket along this line and stitch. The pocket will extend beyond the lining.


Step 8

Fold 2-3 pleats on each side of the zipper so that the other fold edge matches up with the lining. Baste them in place.

Step 9

Trace around a small round object to round off the 4 corners and trim.


Step 10

Place the lining piece on top of the outer, wrong sides together. Use the lining as a template to trim the corners of the outer.

Step 11

Cut a 12″ piece of bias binding and sew the edge together to form a tie. Cut into 2 equal pieces, and baste to the middle of the short edges of the outer fabric.

Step 12

Finish the outer edge with bias binding.

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