Child Purse Tutorial

This child’s purse is adorable and soft. Perfect for stashing little treasures and toys in.I love this fleecy sheep purse pattern and tutorial. Such a great handmade gift DIY idea and perfect sewing for a little girl.To make your own fleecy sheep purse, you will need:

cuddle fleece in pink and white (regular fleece is too thick)

quilt batting (I used Warm and Natural)

safety eyes

basting spray or glue stick

Sewing Essentials (pins, scissors, etc.)



All seam allowances are 1/4″ and are included in the pattern.

I recommend a walking or even feed foot for this project.

Child Purse Tutorial


1. Sew darts.




2. Place one pink and one white ear right sides together and stitch notched edges.




3. Using the guideline on the pattern piece, fold the ear with the pink on the inside. Baste the raw edge closed.



1. Trim 1/8″ from the outside of the quilt batting. Adhere the batting to the wrong side of the face piece with spray adhesive or glue stick. Place wrong side of face to the right side of a white circle as shown and stitch around the edge using a straight or zigzag stitch.


2. Attach eyes (I recommend using safety eyes if this purse is for a young child). Cut a small scrap of pink for the nose and stitch in place. Hand or machine stitch the mouth.


1. Take strap pieces and fold in half and sew along the long edge, right sides together.


2. Using a safety pin, turn right side out and topstitch along the two long edges. Repeat for the second strap. Baste one strap to the face circle using the markings on the pattern piece. Baste second strap to the other white face circle, using the same markings.


1. Use spray baste or glue stitch to adhere quilt batting to wrong side of pink lining pieces (2 circles and 1 gusset).


2. Attach velcro squares to the right side of pink lining circles as marked on pattern piece.


1. Baste ears to the face circle, right sides together, following pattern markings.


2. Align notch on bottom of face circle with notch on white gusset and sew, right sides together. Repeat with the second white circle.


3. Assembly the lining in the same manner but leave a 2″ gap in the bottom of one of the seams for turning.


4. Slip lining inside outer purse, right sides together, and stitch around all top edges, being sure not to catch the ears or the handles in the seam. This is the most difficult part of the purse; pin lots and go slow.

5. Turn right side out and hand stitch opening shut.


1. Fold bow piece in half so that short edges meet, right sides together. Stitch short edge, leaving a 1″ gap in the middle of the seam for turning.


2. Roll the bow so that the seam is now in the center and sew the two other ends, right sides together.


3. Turn bow right sides out and hand sew opening shut.


4. Pinch the center of the bow together and use a few hand stitches to secure.


5. To make the center of the bow, fold the bow center piece, right sides together, so that the long edges meet. Stitch.


6. Turn bow center right side out and wrap around the middle of the bow. Hand sew the raw edges together.


7. Sew the bow in place on the purse.

Download the Pattern Below:


You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the picture of the pattern envelope to download the .pdf !

download fleece purse

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